Christmas Special!

This episode we talk about some of our favorite Christmas TV Episodes and why we like them (or dislike them) so much.  We get into a discussion about the difference between Christmas Episodes and Christmas Specials, how Binge Watching is affecting how we watch these Holiday episodes, and of course, we make a list.

Nik’s List

Branden’s List

Honorable Mentions

  • Ludichristmas – 30 Rock
  • Modern Family Season 1
  • A Muppet Family Christmas
  • Star Wars Holiday Special
  • Smallville Lexmas

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Patreon Special

This episode ran a little long and so there is a segment that will be posted on Patreon soon.  Nik and Branden workshopped the idea of a Fandomverse Show to get the Christmas Special treatment. Check in on Soon for that bonus episode.

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