Comic Collecting 101 – With Charles Prows

Do you have an old comic collection gathering dust?  Is it worth anything?  Is it your children’s only hope for a college fund? Does it look like the dead sea scrolls?  How can you get it graded?  These are all questions that we ask and Charles Prows, Co-Founder of Wasatch Comic Con, Owner of the Nerd Store, and Host on The Nerd Dome Podcast answers for us.

Get ready for Wasatch Con, which is a free convention focused around creators by registering for a ticket online at, and then be there Saturday at 11 am to listen and participate in a live recording of our show, The Fandom Podcast!

If you have ever thought to yourself that we are terrible and you can do a better job than us at a podcast, Branden will be hosting a Podcast Workshop at Wasatch Con in conjunction with The Utah Podcast Summit which will be on June 2nd.  Register for your Tickets there at

Finally, get ready for This Month’s Random Fandom by reading We Stand on Guard and letting us know what you think

Until Next time: May the Fandom Be With you!

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