After-Con Report: Light Saber Talk and More!

Episode 134 Part 2:

There was so much that happened at Salt Lake Comic Con that we can’t contain it into one episode.  This is Part 2 of our Salt Lake Comic Con coverage.  If you’re looking for the Zachary Levi audio go back to Part one, but if you want to hear us talk about Light Sabers, Twisted Toons, and so much more this is the right place.  Every year SLCC finds ways to get great guests and this year we had a lot of amazing celebrities, but we also had a ton of behind the scenes people.  Lots of feedback from other convention goers, and we even talk about some news!

KidCon Panel Note

During the Zachary Levi story reading, there were a couple people who adjusted the soundboard. One of the changes made it so that only one microphone actually sent sound to the recorder and I didn’t catch that before we started our panel. I had really hoped to give the kids at Kidcon a chance to see what it was like to record a podcast, unfortunately, the part that I showed them was the technical difficulties. So if any of you listeners were inspired to start a podcast make sure that you always check your levels before recording.


Star Trek Discovery – 8 million viewers

Teen Titans Go Feature Film announced

Wasatch Comic Con –


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