Connective Tissues in Film: An interview with Film Critic Sean Smithson

Sean Smithson film critic from and joins us tonight to talk to us about some of the best ways that we can increase our appreciation for our fandoms, and where to find connective tissues in film in unlikely places. His interview begins at 36:44

We recommend some books and series to jump into, and ask that you check them out using our Amazon affiliate link in these show notes.

Rachel Morgan

Harry Dresden

Cinder Spires


Alloy of Law

Wheel of Time

Boy Wonder Trivia

  • We have a trivia Winner from our question last week,  what is the 6 Fingered Man from Princess Bride’s  full name.

  • Clay Glad

  • New Trivia – What is the first potion harry ever made

Top News

  • Kurt Russell Destroyed Priceless guitar on Hateful 8

  • SuperGirl Flash Crossover

  • Anthony Daniels thinks its ridiculous not to share details about upcoming SW Movies

  • Super Bowl News / Commercials

  • Antman / Hulk

  • Independance Day

  • Deadpool Super Bowl TV Spot, Psylocke Sword Fighting, Not family friendly

Interview with Sean Smithson
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