Cord Cutters, Shavers and Nevers Unite! Episode 47

Kids these days don’t understand traditional TV, and the reason for that is the mass adoption of online streaming services, and with all of the new geeky shows out there it would be impossible to watch all of them without the streaming services. Everyone has different methods and on this episode we share ours. After the news and scheduling we talk about the Good, bad and ugly of cord cutting; the quick, cheap, and good philosophy and the difference between Cord Cutters, Nevers and Shavers. We also talk about a couple of kids who didn’t understand how watching movies from the internet actually works.

Top News (

Celebrity Deaths David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Others
Jessica Jones Season 2 From Jeff
Doctor Who not on Netflix after Jan
Comic Shop selling ALL marvel books for $200,000

CW TV Shows back this week (Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow)
Trogdor is 13 years old
Batman 66’s 50th anniversary

Batman (1966) Movie is available on Amazon Prime for Free Streaming

Follow up
Heroes Reborn Cancelled – Jan 21 last episode

Teen Wolf – Last week we asked what your Favorite Geeky soap operas were and we were put in our place for dismissing Teen Wolf. Check out the comments at for some great reasons to watch the show Teen Wolf: Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video for you to be able to make your own judgement
We asked for a Youtube Video of how to pronounce Kevin Feige’s last name and Jeff Dumas delivered, it is pronounced Figh – Gee. Now you will never have to hear me make my dumb pronunciation jokes about his name ever again.


How and Why we Cord Cut
Watch what you want, were you want on whatever device you want, just make sure you have good internet to do it on.

Our Hardware
Xbox One / 360
-Computer / Windows 10
-Apple TV

Pros and Cons of Services
-YouTube/Google Play
-Disney Movies Anyhwere
-CBS All Access
-HBO Go/Now
-Danger of Torrents and P2P file sharing (No Pro does not make it legal)
-WWE / Sports

Bandwidth Considerations, Make sure to keep an eye on your data caps and usage.

Other Resources
Cord Killers Podcast –

Call for Feedback: What’s in your setup?


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