Crazy Star Wars Theories – The Fandom Hipster – Ep98

Crazy Star Wars Fan Theories!

Over the years the Star Wars universe has grown and with it has come many fan theories.  Some of them are good and some of them are just crazy.  Today we talk about Rey’s Parentage, who Snoke really is, was Jar Jar the key to everything, and so much more.

Random Fandom – Fangirls fuel fandoms

Sara Linn writes in to talk about Rogue One and also about how the buying power of teenage girls have fueled more than one fandom.  Nik thinks we’ve become jaded as adults.

Geek News

The CW Renews all of their Super Hero shows which mean’s Branden’s prediction from last week is looking Doubtful 

Scott Siegler announced book 6 in his GFL book series which gives Jeff an early lead.

Constantine is coming to the CW Seed as an animated series.  There will be ten five to six minutes episodes.

Supergirl is bringing in Mr. Mxyzptlk into the TV universe.

Charmed is getting a CW Reboot (Wow there is a lot of CW news)

Woody Haroldson is being eyed to play Han Solo’s Mentor in the Young Han Solo movie.


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