Daredevil S02: The rising tide raises all ships

Daredevil Season 2 Discussion:

This week on the podcast we talk about our impressions about Daredevil Season two, we talk about the martial arts, the sound mixing, and Netflix’s Descriptive audio service for the blind, then we fire off the spoiler warning and talk about the characters growth and stories.  The things we loved, those that we liked, and some things that didn’t sit too well with us.

Geek News

Agent Carter officially Cancelled – Can and will Netflix pick it up?  Do petitions do any good?  I want Firefly Season 2 already… but I’ve given up 🙁

Supergirl renewed but moving to CW – Supergirl is a great show and now that it is moving to the CW there are a lot of questions.  Will there be enough budget for the cg and makeup?  Will everyone make the move to Canada? Will the CW have to shorten some shows to 13 episode seasons to make room for all the shows it has?

Michael B Jordan rumored to be in Black Panther – The Hollywood reporter has written that Michael B. Jordan has been cast for the Black Panther movie.  None of us know the story well enough to guess at which character he will be but are excited that the only white person that we know about so far is the bad guy.  If this casting report is accurate it also means that this is the second version of Johnny Storm to make the move to the MCU.  We hope that Jordan and Chris Evans cross paths and mistakes each other for someone named Johnny.

BoyWonder Trivia

This Week: Which Jedi Actor is the real life nephew of the actor who played Wedge Antilles? Leave a comment on the website,

Last Week: In Ironman 3 how many people suit up in an stark inspired Armor?
Answer: 6 – Tony, Pepper, Roadie, Killian, President, Savin

Clarification about the Wookie Home world: Joseph Darowski from the Protagonist Podcast wrote in and said: Regarding last week’s trivia question, the wookie home planet was called Kazook in the Holiday special before it was called Kashyyyk in every other Star Wars product. But nobody should watch the Holiday special so nobody should know that…

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