Deliberately Creative – Episode 54

Every Child is An Artist

Geeks and nerds tend to be some of the most creative people out there but sometimes they just don’t realize it. If you wish that you could be a better artist or writer or other creative type then be sure to listen to this one. We talk about some of the ways that we channel our creativity in order to make the things that we do, and the number one tip is to just do it, but others include being deliberately creative, set aside time to do it, and give yourself a good warmup.

Geek of the Week

We are beginning a new segment called Geek of the Week and we want to feature you and all of your geekiness. What are your favorite fandoms, what do you geek out over? Let us know and we will feature you and your projects, and even try to send some swag your way.

Boy Wonder Trivia

Last week’s question: How Many Robins are there?
Answer: Between Five and Seven depending on which continuity you are looking at – Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Carrie Kelly, Helena Wayne & Stephanie Brown

This week’s question: What date did the first Doctor Who Serial Air and what was it called?
Submit your answers over at and

Top News

Doctor Seuss day was March 2nd. He has the first recorded use of the word “nerd” and boy has its definition evolved over the years. What do you think about the term Nerd vs Geek? What do you prefer to be called?
The FanX Schedule has been released in Beta. Check out to begin planning your day and if you want to see how far conventions have come check out this footage from an early Star Trek Convention.
Google Maps temporarily replaced the pegman with Link from Zelda to celebrate the launch of Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U
Michelle Gomez steals River Songs dress from “the Husbands of River Song” and wore it to a Doctor Who convention in LA called “Gallifrey One”


This is the only thing we are going to ask from you guys. We will still have our Amazon Affiliate links and Audible Trial in the show notes and on the website for relevant items but we have made the decision that it is more important for us to get to know you guys than to make a few bucks for now. Head over to for links to our social media and there’s even a contact form there if you would like to leave a message that way.

May the Fandom be with you!

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