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Don’t get fooled by all the April fools jokes that are still lingering on the internet. We talk about what we saw, what we liked and what we fell for.  We have some behind the scenes comic talk with Roger Prows, co-founder of Wasatch Comic Con, a Con for Creators and talk about news in the comic book books (novel I know), Comic Book Shows and Comic Book Movies.



John Irons I always watch the next episode, “Tabula Rasa” right after watching this one. I feel like they’re kind of a set: The first reveals all the secrets, the second begins to deal with all of the repercussions.

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Cosmic Potatoes – Sci Fighters available now http://www.cosmicpotato.com/2018/03/cp-84-sci-fighters-heaven-vs-hell.html

Wasatch Comic Con – April 27th and 28th.  We will be giving away tickets to go see Infinity War, and there’s a theater right there.

Podcast Summit 2018 – June 2nd – Stay Tuned for ticket Giveaways

Pop Culture Con – June 9th

Random Fandom- We stand on Guard

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