Disney is Being Non-Commital – Episode 182

Disney is not willing to dive deep into their vault.  Danny Boyle doesn’t want to kill Bond. Branden has questionable taste in music. We all like to cheat at video games, and we announce a new contest for a Funko Giveaway. The discussions from this week’s episode really shouldn’t be missed!

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Big News

Under the Radar

Wild Card

Fuzzy Puppy

Win Stuff!

Contests…. It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest, and my birthday is on September 11, roughly 2 week from now so lets give away a funko pop.  Sign up to win a funko pop by texting Fandom to 31996. I’ll pick the winner out of there on my birthday at 4pm Mountain Standard Time! You can also sign up by clicking this link https://slkt.io/t0L


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