Doctor Mysterio Returns… Meh

Doctor Mysterio Returns

This episode could have been a fun episode but I think we were expecting so much more because we had 366 days without Doctor Who.  If this had been a mid season episode we would probably have been fine with it, but we had some issues with this Christmas Special. Think Doctor Who meets a Hallmark Movie.

Random Fandom – TMNT Toys

Nik spent the Day after Christmas cleaning out his studio to play musical Televisions, but instead he found his container full of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys and began playing with those instead.  With classics such as Panda Kahn and Triceratron.

What was your Favorite Toy as a child / Christmas Present?

Nik – Go-Bots and Transformers
Jeff – Power Rangers Toy from the local Thrift Store
Branden – My Buddy doll 

Geek News

Carrie Fisher – This Episode was Recorded on December 26, and we talk about Carrie Fisher’s Heart attack.  We all hoped very much that she would make it through this, but sadly the very next morning she passed away.  After spending all day trying to decide what to do with that segment I’ve decided to leave it in as our final hopes that she would get better. Carrie Fisher will always be a Princess to Us.

Fuller house season 3 – The perfect show to watch while you’re playing games because you don’t really need to pay attention.  Also this is what happens when Netflix doesn’t rely on Critic data but only video view data.

Captain underpants movie – In the same year we’re getting the first modern Female Super Hero movie and the first cross studio collaboration Spider-Man we are also getting Captain Underpants.  Goes to show that there is a Super Hero movie for everyone now.

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