Doctor Who – You’re Safe in Here and you Always Will Be – Ep113

Doctor Who is back and in the words of Nik… WooHoo!!!!!  Series 10 Episode 1 was a breath of fresh air for Whovians that have been waiting for new episodes.  The story wasn’t too complex, but the characters were great, not to mention the fan service.  Will this be enough to make up for the hiatus?  Is this a sign of great things to come in this Season?  What Crazy fan theories can we come up with?  You’ll have to listen to find out.


Mark wrote in to tell us that his favorite James Brolin movie was called The Car (1977) and his feet make an appearance in it. The Car is a classic and we talk about a lot of the trivia and homages surrounding it.

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Krypton TV Series had a Leaked Trailer – Good luck finding it now, but this show is definitely in the DCEU and David Goyer does not have us excited.

New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and The Dark Phoenix will all be coming out in 2018 –

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