Don’t Say Shazaam – DC’s Captain Marvel

Episode 139:

Wait… It’s Monday… What is this doing here today?  Well, this is just the news from this week.  Last week we had some technical snafus and didn’t get an episode out, but that episode was an awesome Halloween themed episode with a great guest.  So after doing all sorts of Dark Magic we have recovered the recording and will be releasing it on Halloween (Tomorrow) but two-week old news isn’t very tasty and so we have recorded this week’s news to drop in this episode.

We are also considering changing to a two episode a week format where we split the news and the discussion into different episodes. Let us know what you think about that at


Shazam is Cast

Regal wants us to pay different prices per movie –

Game Stop has a new rental service:

RDJ in Avengers 4 –
Veronica Mars Mini Series is Happening –


Thank you for all of your support.  We have our first Patron, which we will announce tomorrow (its a side effect of the Black Magic) but that doesn’t mean all of the goodies are gone.  Sign up to be a Patron by Thanksgiving and Jeff will send you a PX Exclusive Funko Pop.  Sign up to be a patron at and if you can’t sign up head over to to see other ways that you can help out.

And Until Next Time:

May the Fandom Be With You!

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