Ep30 – 12 Panels not to miss at SLCC 15

Branden keeps talking about how Salt Lake Comic Con is three conventions in one and so in this episode we talk about one of those conventions, the Panels. We go through the panel and each pick four panels that we are excited for. We tell you what Salt Lake Comic Con says they are, what we think they will be, and why we are looking forward to them. Then we answer a quick question from a friend about what kind of Cosplay is

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In the news we Talk about Peter Capaldi Shredding on an Electric Guitar while riding on top of a tank. Thats right Season 9 started. Chris Evans Panel is being admitted by Lottery click this link to register https://register.growtix.com/lotteries/event/salt_lake_comic_con_2015
We have over 4000 people registered for the Guiness Book of World Records attempt of the most comic book characters in one place, and I experienced my first cosplay contest prejudging.

Video game addicts of the 80’s & 90’s Thursday 2 pm
Outlining vs Discovery Writing Thursday 3pm
Austin St. John and Karan Ashley Thursday 5pm

SyFy Faceoff Friday at 4pm
Carrie the Musical Friday at 5pm
Positive Fandom Friday 7 pm
Bob’s Burgers Feminism Friday 7 pm

Vic Mignoga Sat 12pm
Con Man Web Series: Sneak Peek Saturday 1pm
Twisted toons voice actors Saturday 2pm
Neon Trees Saturday 3pm
John Barrowman Saturday 6pm

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