Episode 18 – Ready Player One Evil Cogs

When you say bad things about IOI they cut your power off. Thanks for being patient while waiting for this episode to drop!

Welcome to our first ever Book Club. You will still get full credit for attending this course even if you haven’t read the book, but jump over to https://fandompodcast.com/audible for a free audio version narrated by Will Wheaton. This time we are talking about Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This book is set in a the 2040’s in a world where everything has fallen apart and everyone escapes into a massive Virtual Reality world called the OASIS.¬†

But before that we briefly cover some news.

Nate celebrated Black Cat’s 11th anniversary with them and picked up a special comic called Transference which is not generally available yet.

Jordan and Branden talk about the new Spider-Man official casting and then we Jump into Ready Player One head first.

The questions that we cover are

Would you want to live in a world where everyone spends all of their free time inside of a video game?

Why did Wade name himself Parzival? Was it ego, or was it hope?

How would you hunt for the egg? Solo, Clan, or IOI?

If you could change the book from the 80’s what generation would you choose?

Can you have an original concept if it is based solely from others’ creations?

Given the choice of any Robot from Any fandom which one would you choose?

Can you really get to know someone online?

With the upcoming movie, who would you cast?

Spider-Man has been cast http://screencrush.com/marvel-kevin-feige-spider-man-plans/

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