Episode 23 – How to Win War and Influence People

What happens when you take a bunch of prepubescent boys into outer space and train them in military tactics and Zero Gravity fighting? You get Ender’s Game. This week’s episode we talk about various aspects of this book such as how does the character’s age effect the book and is Peter really that bad? The unthinkable happens and Branden actually makes a Sports reference. In the News we talk about how the Salt Lake Comic Con keeps announcing big things and Blizzard is the kind of company that we can really respect.

Here are the parts of the book that we cover
Orson Scott Card’s world building
Battle School
Ender the Soldier
Locke and Demosthenes
Dragon Army
The Raft
Command School
Ender’s Jeesh
Victory and Shakespeare
Our overall impressions
and Recommended reading order for the rest of the series.

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