Episode 29 – How to Survive SLCC

This episode we talk about how to survive Salt Lake Comic Con, but the principles that we talk about will be able to be applied to pretty much any convention.

There are two types of people that listen to this podcast. The kind that is excited about Salt Lake Comic Con, and the kind that aren’t. We have good news for you though whichever kind you are, Salt Lake Comic Con is happening September 24-26 and so its just right around the corner. The good news for the first type of people is that we have an entire SLCC Survival Guide setup for you guys. The good news for the second type of people is that we are almost done talking about Salt Lake Comic Con.

In the News we talk about a new Pokemon game coming out by the creators of the Augmented Reality Game Ingress, Super Mario Bros turns 30, and we get a better look at the new Apocalypse costume.

And of course this close to the convention we have a lot of Salt Lake Comic Con News. There will be an Advanced screening of Con Man with Alan Tudyk skyping in to answer questions, there was a change to the time of the Guiness World Record for the most super Heroes in the same place, Haley Atwell has been officially announced as a guest, Morena Baccarin had to cancel from the convention, and for those of you who have always wanted to be an action figure Fireman & Friends for Kids charity booth will have a photo op for you.

After all of that news you might think we were done, but no! We still have an entire survival guide to get through. We cover Pre-Con Preparation, Eat Right, Sleep Right, get ready for walking, collect your comic books, and get your cosplay ready. Also make sure that you know how you are going to carry your stuff if you are going to be wearing a cosplay.

While you are at the Con there are some things that you need to make sure that you have. Water, Sugar, Protein, Gum, wet ones. Personal Hygiene should be your Number One priority. Make sure that you have brushed your teeth and shower every day… Don’t be That guy …

Hopefully this helps us all be ready for the Convention.\


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