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logo-athletics-markSo this week’s episode was cut short due to some technical difficulties. Basically my hard drive decided to stop, all I had to do was nudge it in finder and it started to work again, but we lost the first half of our recording. So because of that we decided that if we wanted to get our points out that we would post them here. Now I am going to preface this by saying that the conversation was much better than this, because it was just that a conversation and we were able to have some back and forth on different topics. We talked about Sports, Batgirl, and were going to talk about Marvel’s 616 finale.

Game Server Shut Downs

The first topic that we talked about was The University of Utah sports program, since we all bleed at least a little red on the program, things are going really well there. The sports program provided a pretty good segway into talking about Polygon’s article on Servers shutting down for another sports video game a year after its launch. This is a trend that I’m not excited to see, but I completely understand why it is happening.


When I was a kid I would blow into a game cartridge and fire up my favorite console, and now there is a store down the street from my house that sells those games and consoles, but in twenty years there won’t be any store that can sell Angry Birds because I’m sure the App store will have been replaced with something better. Goodbye Nostalgia.  The big problem is though that when I spend $60 on a game now I’m not even guaranteed 12 months with all of its features before they get turned off. Luckily this seems to apply to Sports games more than other games.  Call of Duty is one of the most successful yearly game franchises and they just shutdown servers from their 2007 release, but COD is able to make new maps, create new guns, and change game play with every release. Its not like you can change the maps in Madden in a significant way or change the rules of the game, and so the only way to encourage people to buy the next version is shutting of the servers for the last one. When it all boils down to it business is business

Batgirl Variant cover controversy

Changing gears from sports to Comics we Batgirl #41 joker variant DC Comics withdrawn, art by Rafael Albuquerquetalked and had a heated discussion over the Batgirl variant controversy.  Cinema Blend did a
good job covering it if you want an explanation of both sides.  I would like to say that I have a lot of respect for Rafael Albuquerque who was the artist who created the cover.  He did his job in creating an image that portrayed the Joker as well … the Joker.  It was a clear homage to The Killing Joke which is a very dark comic where Joker raped and shot Barbara Gordon.  This cover in my opinion made Batgirl seem to be a victim on the cover of her own book, which by the way is being marketed towards teen girls and has a very girl power kind of vibe to it.  I’ve never seen Batman or Superman crying in fear on the cover of one of their titles, if they were in that situation it would be a look of defiance and fight on their face.

Its pretty obvious that I understand why some people wanted the cover pulled.  That being said I don’t know if it should have been pulled for that reason alone.  I am a very big proponent of the dream that is capitalism.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  Don’t buy Batgirl, Don’t buy DC.  Let them know that it is not acceptable in a way that will affect them in the bank.  But then the rape threats came, and the death threats, not to Albuquerque or to DC, but to the people who were using the #Changethecover hashtag. That is just not acceptable and to Albuquerque’s credit, as soon as he found out about the threats asked DC to pull the cover.  I am so tired of people on the internet feeling that it is alright to threaten and harass people on the internet simply because they disagree with them.  Disagreement is part of what makes things improve, diversity in anything makes it better.  Twitter just recently started to begin to try and filter out these horrible messages but is starting with just verified accounts.  I don’t have a lot of faith in how Twitter will handle this for the common person though because of how bad their track record has been to this point but I hope that I am wrong.

wpid-img_20150317_183330.jpg wpid-img_20150317_204814.jpg

Marvel 616 finale

Switching over to a lighter tone we wanted to talk about Marvel announcing that 33 titles would have a 616 finale.  Now call me a cynic but I don’t really believe that they are ending the Amazing Spider-Man or all of their X-Men titles, but I do believe they are destroying the 616 and most of the other universes.  I think that it will all be tied together in Secret Wars.  Someone is going to pick a lot of super heroes and villains from the various Marvel Universes and stick them all together to fight in the Secret Wars.  They will not only be picking from universes but also from timelines with Years of Futures Past.  This way they get to leave Professor Logan dead but bring back the nearly feral Wolverine. I think that they will probably also give us a Spider-Man that is back in High School, or one that is Married with a child.  This way Marvel writers don’t have to worry about decades of continuity and Marvel gets to keep its best selling characters on the shelves.  Come on, did anyone really believe that Wolverine would stay dead?

From this point on I was able to get my hard drive to record and so you can listen to the rest 😀


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