Episode 5 – TMNT – Nostalgia does funny things to your brain

What time is it? Turtle Time! One week left to submit photos to our Online Cosplay Contest. Ready Player One gets a big name to direct, Marvel reveals its All New, All Different Avengers (Try Saying that 3x fast) and a Utah legend passes away. We all pick our favorite Ninja Turtle, TMNT video game, and incarnation of the characters, and then we take turns blasting our least favorite turtles, but its okay it looks like they are bullet proof. Was Casey Jones homeless. Tokka and Rahzar vs Bebop and Rocksteady, and finally time travel quantum mechanics. Hold on to your shells things are about to get real!

Ready Player One – Audio Book – PhysicalE-Book

Turtles on Oprah: https://youtu.be/AtpuPixEGSk

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