Episode 58 – The Force Re-Awakens

To Celebrate the fact that Star Wars Episode 7 is now available on Bluray and Digital Copy (Which I think is a terrible name because the files on the Bluray are digital too) I’ve gone back into the archive from about 20 episodes ago and grabbed the discussion that Nik and I had about Episode 7.

This is one of our most downloaded episodes and in it we talk about our initial reactions to the movie.  We talk about the reactions that our family members had seeing Star Wars in the theater for the first time, and even cover some of our favorite Fan Theories.

Who are Rey’s Parents?

Who is Snoke?

Why was R2-D2 Dormant for so long?

Have you had time to craft new fan theories?  Send them over to Fandompodcast.com/Contact

Until Next Time: May the Fandom Be With You!

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