Episode 6 – Michael Bay Presents …

Salt Lake Comic Con does its first Guest announcements for 2015. Its April Fools day, and we announce the winners of the #FandomCosplayContest. Then we had you tell us who your favorite Star Trek Captain is and debate the best way to do a new TV reboot. We move on to our favorite disfunctional captain, Mal Reynolds. How would you bring Firefly back? Would it be to the big screen? Would it be a new show? Would we bring Serenity back or would you focus on an entirely different part of the universe? Then when one give away ends another one begins, watch for our post on Twitter and Facebook on April 6 to win a Free Ticket to the Intergalactic Party by responding with the code phrase from the Podcast.

InterGalactic Party

Latino Review Star Trek Exlusive

SLCC Press Conference

Smithsonian Displays Wonder-Woman’s invisible Jet

Blizzard’s April Fools Day Jokes

116 Misty Cosplayers


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