Episode 7 – Uncle Ben makes good rice

With great flavor comes great responsibility

Doctor Who doesn’t die, he just regenerate at least for 5 more years.  Spider-man gets a reboot, but its not an origin story. One of us gets a Loot Crate subscription, and then we discuss Marvel’s new TV-MA route with Daredevil.  We then compare it to the Arrow Cinematic Universe and the Flash’s family friendly tone.  That and more on this week’s episode

Links to What we talked about
Doctor Who 5 More years http://time.com/3773238/doctor-who-on-air-5-more-years/
Spider-Man News http://collider.com/spider-man-kevin-feige-confirms-peter-parker-in-high-school/
Dare Devil http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/80018294
New Spin Off http://tvweb.com/news/arrow-flash-spinoff-title-atom-tv-show


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