Fandom Movie League 2018

You’ve heard of Fantasy Football, aka D&D / Accounting for jocks?  Well this is the Fandom Movie League which follows similar rules to Fantasy Football, but uses the movies that are coming to the Box Office in 2018 to create your team.  We have chosen 33 movies from across the Fandomverse to auction off to the highest bidder, and it doesn’t go how any of us expect.


  • Every host of the Fandom Podcast starts out with 300 Fandom Bucks to spend as they please in the Auction.  Once a host gets to 0 they can no longer bid.
  • The Order of the Auction is completely randomized meaning that big movies may come up at any time.
  • If a movie from the auction gets delayed or stuck in production and doesn’t come out in 2018 that movie will not be replaced.
  • Points will be scored by taking the gross Domestic Box Office value of the movie and multiplying it by the Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score.
  • Points stop accruing and a winner will be declared on December 31, 2018

The Rules of this version were inspired by the Diamond Club Movie Draft and The Protagonist Podcast’s Fantasy Box Office. Check out the next episode of Protagonist for their Movie Draft.

Play Along

After the Auction if you want to keep track of the score you can head to to see our tracking sheet and Jeff will be producing regular Audio Updates to put at the end of our News Episodes.

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