Fandom Sportsball – Episode 102

The word Fandom is a mashup of the words Fanatic and Kingdom, meaning that you have a group of fanatical people that are loyal to something. Long before TV Shows, Movies, and Comics amassed their Fandoms the Sportsball Fandom was in full swing.  Today we’re talking about the sportsball fandoms both real and imaginary.  From the Puppy Bowl to the Hunger Games and from the National Football League to the Galactic Football League we point out how the very best of sports has story telling at it’s core.


Marvel cast for their Hulu show Runaways –

Star Trek Discovery is in Production… Finally –

Powerless… Is this really DC? – 

No More Friday the 13th and WWZ2… Does this mean the studios are finally going to make NEW material? –

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We’re gearing up for our discussion on who the best Ninja Turtle is.  Let us know who you think it is by going to our Contact Page.  So far the consensus is that it’s Donatello, but the Michelangelo fans aren’t far behind.

Discussion: Fandom Sportsball

The Sports Fandom – 2016 was an awesome year for someone in the Sports Fandom
Sports can be really boring if you’re not there in person
There is a whole lot more to Sports than meets the eye as shown in the GFL books
Why are there never Spoiler warnings and Bans when it comes to Sports?
Some sports were completely invented for their fandoms like Quidditch and the Tron Sports
Sports themes continue to persist even in Dystopian worlds with stories like the Hunger Games


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