Fanfic: Attack of the Plot Bunnies – Episode 89

What is Fanfic?  Well Fanfic is shorthand for Fan Fiction and this week we bring on friend of the show and Fanfic author Sara Linn to talk to us about what it is, how to find it, and what some of the terminology means.  If you’ve ever been curious about what an AU, a shipwar or a an archive is then you need to listen to this episode.

Common Places to find fanfic (in chronological order)

fanzines, mailing lists & messageboards (X Files, Harry Potter, Buffy, etc), (1998)
livejournal (1999)
AO3 (archive of our own) (2007)
wattpad (2006)
twitter (2006)
tumblr (2007)

Geek News

-Doctor Who returns in April according to interview with Peter Capaldi

-New Wonder Woman trailer! (short)

-Fantastic Beasts picks up Johnny Depp is he going to be Grindelwald?

-Doctor Strange opens at 85 million domestic

Random Fandom

The 100 (Pronounced “The Hundred”) – science fiction free-for-all including space politics, mutants, science vampires, evil computers, deadly nature planet, apocalypse survival drama, and using allegory to ask philosophical questions.

If you have a Random Fandom for us to discuss send it in to

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