Fanfic Death Match – Episode 94

Fan Fic Death Match

Fan Fic Elevator Pitches

In this episode we totally rip off the Protagonist Podcast and do an Elevator Pitch episode, but we’ve justified it away by inviting Todd Mack one of their hosts on to the episode.  The premise for this competition is that we have have picked three common Fanfic tropes that we need to build an elevator pitch for a story from a fandom.  The tropes are Age Shifting Alternate Universe (AU) where the characters are made either older or younger, Time Shifting AU where the story takes place in a different time frame either in the past or in the future, and a Zombie Apocalypse AU because well who hasn’t thought about their favorite fandoms combined with Zombies (If your favorite fandom is The Walking Dead it doesn’t count.) Then for our last pitch it is a choose your own AU, and boy do we choose our own au’s

Get Ready for Rogue One

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I just finished listening to Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel and am so excited for the movie.  

Geek News

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