Fantastic Beasts – I Want to be a Wizard! Episode 91

I Want to be a Wizard!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

This last weekend Fantastic Beasts and where to find them opened at $75 million dollars. Don’t worry we will give you warnings before spoilers.  This is the first movie that exists in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World that did not exist as a book first which makes it unique in and of itself but there were a few other things about this film that we wanted to talk about including a diverse audience, how young is too young in seeing this movie, and how much Harry Potter Lore do you need to know before you see the movie.  

In the spoilery section we talk about theories that tie the books and this movie together, and all the magical creatures.  The Niffler seems to have been based off of a real creature called a Puggle and check out this awesome real picture of a baby Puggle.


Random Fandom

The Random Fandom is the segment of the show that you send in the cool things that you love and we get to turn around and share it with everyone else.  This week Jared Elder wrote in to tell us about his long time love and nostalgia for dolls… wait I mean, Action Figures!  GI Joe’s with realistic hair and a kung fu grip, the Star Wars / Kenner partnership that ruined Mego and the continuous evolution of action figures that still exists in one form or another.  We talk about this, the action figures that we played with, and much more.

Geek News

Peter Capaldi is out!

According to rumors Peter Capaldi will not be returning for Series 11 of Doctor Who.  While it coincides with Chris Chibnall becoming the show runner the rumors state that it is because BBC Executives want to return to a Dashing Doctor and a Young female companion like David Tenant and Billie Piper because they feel that it will boost merchandise sales.

Class gets a below average grade

The Doctor Who spin off Class has come out and left Nik, Jeff and Amy underwhelmed. Right now the only way to watch it is on BBC3 on the iPlayer.  It will be coming to BBC America in 2017.  Think about it as Buffy the Vampire Slayer with more Gore and Racial Diversity.

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming’s first trailer will come out with Rogue One, but in the age of the Internet does that really matter anymore?

Spider-Man Homecoming Casting

Michael Keaton has been cast as the Vulture.  Does this have anything to do with his role as Birdman?  Probably.  It will be interesting to see how Sony handles his costume, we hope Marvel helps out.

the Vulture The Vulture

Zendaya will not be playing Mary Jane Watson… See kids you can’t trust everything that you hear on the internet.

Thank You!

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Until Next Time:  May the Fandom Be With You!

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