Fantasy Fandom – Every Team Needs A Batman

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You’ve probably heard of Fantasy Football, but have you ever heard of Fantasy Fandom? This week we pick our favorite characters from across the Fandomverse to put together on a team that could rival both the Justice League and the Avengers, and then ask who would be the villain and how cohesive would the teams really be? We both built two teams, but we really want to know who you would put on YOUR team. Remember, no fandom is off limits, even Dawson’s creek. One of the teams consists of Batman (Adam West), Batman (Michael Keaton), Batman (Kevin Conroy), Batman (Val Kilmer), Batman (George Clooney), Batman (Christian Bale), oh and don’t forget Batman (Ben Affleck) but you’re going to have to listen to find out who is in the time traveler love triangle with Captain Jack Harkness.

Boy Wonder trivia

Last Week’s Question: Which DC Character is Deadpool a parody of?
Answer: Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. Thanks to Nate for the answer and explanation. They both are mercenaries, have regeneration abilities, and have a very similar overall look.

This Week’s Question: How many characters have taken on the mantle of Robin? (Main characters not obscure ones)
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In the Top News

Welcome back Doctor Who to streaming in America! Amazon has secured exclusive streaming rights for the show starting March 1st.
Star Trek Axanar has released its defense and the results could have quite the impact on Star Trek Fan Films.
Now that Deadpool is making truckfuls of money expect to see a rated R Wolverine, Batman v Superman, and maybe an NC17 Antman and Wasp

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