FanX 2017 Celebrity Interactions

Welcome to the Fandom Podcast Episode 108 This is the show that brings together geeks and nerds from across the Fandomverse to analyze the news and discuss your favorite TV, Movies, Comics and books. We just got back from FanX

Nerd Flu infected – Nik English
Recovering from heat stroke – Jeff Dumas
Con Crud Free – I am Branden Ushio

News (00:03:10)

Bernie Wrightson Pases Away –
Chuck Berrie – Passes Away
Iron Fist has come out

FanX (00:19:01)

Celebrity Interactions
Bonnie Wright
Zachary Levi
John Rhys Davies
Jason Momoa
Weird Al
Chris Sarandon

Stan Lee
The Walking Dead
The Princess Bride

Celebrity Interviews (1:10:57)

Amy Gumenick
Adrienne Wilkinson
Marv Wolfman
Jeff Bennett

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