Galifreyan Facebook – Episode 41

We live in a Golden age of media and three TV Shows just wrapped up that we dive into. We go full spoiler mode and talk about Doctor Who (23:15), Jessica Jones (52:39) and The Walking Dead (1:19:02). We could have probably dedicated an entire episode to each show, but wanted to get our reviews out for you. We talk about where Doctor Who comes from and where he’s going and how do Timelords keep track of who is who, and then in Jessica Jones we have a few fan theories to explain how things end up, and with The Walking dead we discuss whether the comics are spoilers, Alexandria, the dumpster and of course NEGAN!

Our Sponsor today is Amazon. Visit to help support this show. During the Episode we talked about“How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way”( and if you are interested in learning to draw the human body this is a must have book.

Our Top News Stories can be found on and are

1 – Batman V. Superman trailer dropped and left most of us wanting for a better trailer.
2 – Samurai Jack is Returning to the Cartoon Network for New Episodes
3 – George Lucas finally finds a PR person who doesn’t let him just say what he wants

On This Episode
Branden Ushio
Nik English
Jeff Dumas

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