Golden Age Balderdash with Joe Darowski – Episode 100

Golden Age Balderdash!

We all know what a Superhero is but the genre was basically invented in the Golden Age of comics which takes place between the 1930’s and 1950’s.  This week we bring Joe Darowski from the Protagonist Podcast and Golden Age expert on to play a game of Super Hero Balderdash. For each round we will pick a forgotten Golden Age character and secretly try to guess one thing that is important to that character such as their Powerset, Appearance, Sidekick, or Gadgets. At that point multiple choices are presented using the guesses and the actual answer. everyone chooses what they think the answer is, and vocalize their thought process Ala “Who wants to be a millionaire.”  Points are awarded for guessing the correct answer and for getting others to guess your incorrect answer.

Joseph J. Darowski

Joseph J. Darowski graduated with a PhD in American Studies from Michigan State University and has studied American popular culture extensively. He has taught English at Brigham Young University and has authored and edited several books that examine popular culture from an academic perspective. Joseph also co-hosts the Protagonist Podcast where every week they talk about a great character in a great story.

Published Books 

The Protagonist Podcast

Random Fandom

This week we are retiring the Random Fandom. We still encourage you to send in your Fandoms but rather than going through a tangent filled 15 minutes we might just do an entire episode on it. For our final Random Fandom we are talking about Batman the Animated Series which aired in the 1990’s and grew the fandom quite a bit by bringing in new fans and giving old fans something to enjoy as well.  We talk about the Rogues Gallery, the Art and of course get some voices from Nik.

Geek News

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The title for Episode VIII is out, but what does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  Also why is Star Wars is red…. this seems ominous

Black Adam movie coming to DCEU – Dwayne The Rock Johnson is getting a solo Black Adam movie who is a Villain turned anti hero to Shazam (who used to be known as Captain Marvel but because of legal reasons has now become Shazam)

The Walking Dead toned down the violence – The Walking Dead producers admitted that they toned down the violence and gore in the latest season premiere.  Jeff loved it, Branden Avoided it, and Nik has to prep himself for it.

Thank you!

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Jesse Martin (Joe West), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawn) singing the Ballad of Serenity

Hoaxes episode inspired by Joe’s feedback

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