Grandma the Geek

Hey guys short episode this week, but I get a chance to talk about one of the unexpected places that I learned to be a geek, my Grandma. Although Grandma gravitated more towards literature, beanie babies and Genealogy she taught me to be passionate about what you love.  Thank you for letting me share the stories with you, it has been an emotional weekend and it really helps to know that there are people out there who take some time out of their day to listen to the opinions of a few talkative geeks.

In the News

Star Trek Beyond came out and took the number one box office slot, but made less than the other reboots. This one is probably the closest to the original feeling.

Nintendo’s stock takes a dive after investors realize that it doesn’t actually make the Pokemon Money. ┬áNintendo owns about 32% of the Pokemon company and at peak pokemon was making about $144,000 daily which would gake 52,000 days to earn the $7.5 billion increase in the Market cap. Stocks fell $6.4 billion, leaving a mere $1.1 billion increase.

Random Fandom

We are skipping it this week, but still want your Random Fandom. We’ve talked about cartoons we loved, books that got us reading and next week we talk about the fandom that got one of our community into science fiction. Head over to and let us know what you want us to talk about.

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