Grandma’s Disneyfied Fairy Tales – Episode 109

With all of the live action retelling of classic Disney Fairy Tales on their way we take a minute to talk about fairy tales from our childhood that would make good movies.  We discuss what the “Original” version of a fairy tale is and whether our caregivers “Disneyfied” the stories that we grew up with.  The Fairy Tales that we talk about are

The Boy and the North Wind (51:56) –

The Twelve Dancing Princesses (56:28) –

Momotaro (1:00:45) –

The Enchanted Woods (1:06:45) – 

One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes (1:12:59)

Pop Quiz: Big Hero 6


Starting out the episode we have a new segment called Pop Quiz! sponsored by the Nerd Store in West Valley Utah.  Like our Facebook page and keep an eye out for posts asking what you think about different Fandoms.  By telling us what you like about a fandom you are entered to win a Funko Pop and this week it was all about Big Hero 6.

1- What City does Big Hero 6 take Place in?

  • A- San Fransokyo
  • B- Tokyocisco
  • C- San Francisco

Answer: A – San Fransokyo.  The animators on Big Hero 6 put so much love and care into fusing the cities of Tokyo and San Francisco and even made over 200 different street signs to make the city complete

2- What was the inspiration for the movie?

  • A- An Old TV Show
  • B- A Japanese Legend
  • C- A Comic book

Answer: C- A Comic book.  After Disney acquired Marvel Comics, Don Hall who ended up being the director of BH6 approached John Lasseter the Chief Creative Officer at Disney and asked about doing a series of shorts about characters from the Marvel Universe. Don was told to think bigger and when he found BH6 he knew that it was just the right property

3- Which heroes in the movie are named after food?

Answer: Wasabi no Ginger, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tamago (Tamago is egg in japanese and is the reason her hero costume is yellow), and of course Mochi the cat

4- Which character from the Incredibles (2004) makes a cameo in Big Hero 6?

Answer: There is a statue of Elastigirl in Fred’s Bedroom.

Geek News


Dr Dolittle –

New Justice League Trailer  

Doctor Who – April 17th & 19th in Fathom Events

Power Rangers – Good movie if you like the Power Rangers

Beauty and the Beast – Good movie if you are a human being 😀

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