Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Featuring Ryab – Episode 115

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 2 recently came out and we abducted the Uncanny Ryab from the Nerd Dome Podcast to discuss the movie with us, we didn’t even have to threaten to eat him. From the music to the character development, some crazy themes that were observed, NPR bashing it and of course the Family theme we talk about all sorts Guardians info. Also in true Guardians style we drop 5 stingers after the show, be sure to listen all the way through for that.


Wonder Woman Marketing has been less than desirable.

Free Comic Book Day has all grown up and is now Nerd Christmas

The Defenders has our curiosity piqued.

Star Wars might have an Expanding universe problem, and we discuss the best way to watch Star Wars from a completionist’s point of view.

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