Hoaxes, Satire, Fake News and How to Spot It

We’ve all done it, we’ve all clicked on a link that we thought was an actual story on Social media only to realize that it is Fake News, Satire, or a Hoax, and even though we’ve all done it we’re not immune.  Last week we reported to you that Theo James had been cast as the new James Bond and it turns out that it just isn’t true.  One fake news site posted it and several other blogs rewrote the information for their own blogs without verifying it, and then we just got excited that there was a new Bond that we wanted to share it with you. So if you listened last week, no there is no news on James Bond, but we turned this into an opportunity to to talk about hoaxes, the difference between Satire and Fake news and some tips on how to spot them.

Satire vs Fake News

The Difference between satire and fake news http://www.thatsfake.com/the-difference-between-satire-and-fauxtire/

The Onion

April Fools


Social Media

Bill gates is giving away money

My dad said that if I get 1000 shares

Facebook is changing is privacy settings

How to avoid it?


treat yourself as a journalist – https://ijnet.org/en/blog/journalists-guide-verifying-news-tips-twitter

Boy Wonder Trivia

Last Week: What is the name of the secretary in ghostbusters? R. (Radical) Stevens sent into FandomPodcast.com/Contact Janine Melnitz was the secretary and that is absolutely right

This Week: Who sings the song we won’t be fooled again?

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Top News

Vid Angel being sued: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865656008/Major-Hollywood-studios-sue-movie-editing-service-VidAngel.html?pg=all

Norman Reedus interested in ghost rider  

Injustice 2

Killing joke Fathom events july 25th

Suicide squad PG-13

SuperGirl season 2 might have superman


We also got some great feedback on our Age of Apocalypse billboard discussion and we were able to cover the main points in the show, but be sure to give it a read if you still need convincing.

from DiannaPrince

I agree with Rose McGowan in this marketing issue. I happen to be a female and a longtime fangirl. The use of the image on a billboard, with no context, *can* contribute to normalizing images of men assaulting women. That’s pretty obvious if you’ve studied either visual communication, gender studies, or a combination thereof. Pictures are messages and when a screencap is taken out of context of a film, blown up to enormous size, and slapped on a billboard as an enticement for PG-13 adventure films for kids and families… yeah, it’s a problem. I haven’t heard people say that women in fight scenes in the film are wrong, or even that women fighting in promotional material is wrong. There’s tons of images of Black Widow fighting in the CA and Avengers promotional content. But in those, the first impression of a flat image is usually one of back and forth power struggle, not just a bulky scary man choking a slender woman without context.

TBH you guys probably should have solicited the opinions of a couple of women (not just one, a couple) if you were going to bring it up in the podcast. Even just had some emails to read. Because the net result was me listening to a group of guys rationalize away the point of a woman arguing about issues that affect the health and safety of women. I was eyerolling pretty hard. And I can’t even lay it at you guys just BEING guys because my brother, who is hardly ‘woke’ in any sense, saw it on the freeway before he heard about the controversy, and told me that it “gave him pause” and it “was probably not a good thing to put up.” Branden did mention this at the end, which I appreciate. But still.

“Is this really the reason and place to bring up violence against women?” This is a question I cannot even fathom being asked. Yes. YES! For god’s sake, yes! The place that it happens *is* the place where you bring it up. Talk about and address bias and harmful thinking *where it occurs*, in our daily lives, instead of in an abstract educational forum. Violence against women is a normalized part of American culture, and one of the best ways to push against it is to normalize the criticism of it. Public shame is a powerful tool, we should use it. Use it against racism, use it against homophobia, and yes use it against sexism. The more we talk about systemic problems, the closer we come to making the system recognize that it’s infected in the first place. Violence against women isn’t in the shadows—it’s on billboards. It’s in music. It’s on the internet. It’s in most of my favorite films, which sucks because I really like action movies.

“I’m sure my Viking ancestors are rolling in their graves because I was offended by something someone said.” ….Well you sure seemed flustered and offended by what Rose McGowan said, so I’m going to have to agree with that. Your Viking great-grandmother would be disappointed in you.

“Once you put the context in place, the argument is a lot less strong.” Nah, the thing is– *you* are misunderstanding the argument. Film context is irrelevant to McGowan’s criticism, because she’s *not* criticizing the *film*. She’s criticizing the billboard. That’s all. That’s the point. And the billboard doesn’t show a woman attacking a man. It doesn’t show a fight between equals, or even a David & Goliath style framing where the underdog is making a stand against a stronger and scarier opponent. The billboard is just what it is– the Big Bad choking Jennifer Lawrence in blue make up. The message the billboard sends in its unique viewing experience is a one-way, no-context portrayal of violence against a woman, in a way that mimics violence that many women and children have seen in their home lives. You only have to look at a picture once to get the message. You don’t have to see the movie because it’s the billboard, the marketing, that is the problem.

Sorry this went so long, but…. try to step back from thinking that this is about the movie. It’s not–it’s about the billboard. She was right to call it out. And if the studio marketing companies take notice and think more carefully next time about the messaging they put out, then that will be the best possible outcome. Nobody’s gonna die from mild and politely worded constructive criticism, especially not a superhero franchise.


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