Hulu’s Marvel’s The Runaways

You may have thought that your parents were bad, but they were probably not as bad as the parent in The Runaway’s Hulu’s original Marvel Teen Soap Opera, or Super Hero Show, or Family Drama… Or how about you just pick a genre.  Join us as we discuss the show and comic with Andrew Darowski from both The Protagonist Podcast and Disney Animated Minute Essentials. What did you think of the show?

Discussion Topics

  • What Genre is this Show?. Is it a superhero show? A teen soap opera? A drama about rich people with fancy problems? Does the mix of genres make this show more interesting, or less so?
  • A common drama plot device is to bring together a group of strangers who don’t have a lot in common and build them into a team. A common way to strengthen their bonds is to give them a common enemy. What is the common enemy in Runaways?
  • Why can the Heroes never be happy?
  • How Heavy do you feel that the social commentary is?
  • How does this tie into the Greater Marvel Cinematic Universe / MCNU


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