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Today in the United States is Thanksgiving, and a lot of the podcasts that I listen to have taken the week off to spend time with extended family, and well that’s great, but if you’re anything like me then you might be able to use a little bit of a break from your extended family and in laws, or maybe by listening to this before you see your family you can be prepared to change the topic when your Crazy Uncle Joe starts talking about Politics… we all have an Uncle Joe, and we all hate it when he starts talking politics.

So in this episode let’s talk about the Infinity Stones.  The Infinity stones are the thread that run through the Marvel Cinematic Universe that tie the heroes together.  If you’ve stayed for the post credits in the marvel movies you know that they tie in with Thanos (the purple guy sitting in the chair) and that they are going to fit inside that snazzy yellow gauntlet.  But to get into more detail there are 6 Infinity Stones they are the Space Stone, The Mind Stone, the Reality Stone, the Time Stone, the Soul Stone and the Power Stone

Origin of the Infinity Stones

In the comics these stones are created when an ancient all powerful being commits suicide because he is lonely. His remains turn into the stones and throughout Marvels history people are constantly using them and getting up to no good.

Infinity Gauntlet

Space Stone

The Space stone was first seen in Captain America: The First Avenger and was known as the Tesseract.  Hydra used it as an energy source, but the real power of the space stone is that it can control space. Loki used it in the first Avengers movie to open up a portal in space so that the Chitari army could come in and help him take control of the Earth, but after being defeated Thor took Loki and the Space Stone to Asgard.  They locked up Loki and put the Tesseract into Odin’s treasure room which is considered one of the safest places in the 9 realms, as long as the bad guy can’t trick people into thinking that he’s Odin… Anyway I’m sure it’s safe…


Mind Stone

The First time that we saw the mind stone was in the first Avenger’s movie, even though we didn’t realize it until later. The funny shaped Scepter that Loki wielded (which was given to him by Thanos) had a glowing gem at the top of it, and that gem allowed him to take control of people’s minds, makes sense since it’s the Mind Stone right?  Well Wait There’s more! In Captain America: Winter Soldier, the mid credits scene shows Hydra Scientists using the sceptre some how to give, or draw out powers from the Maximov twins.  Yes in the MCU Quicksilver and Scarlet witch get their powers from the mind stone.  

Still not convinced of the power of the mind stone?  After the avengers raid the lab that Hydra has the sceptre in Tony stark uses it to create the the world’s first true Artificial Intelligence (Which Backfires a little bit) and then that AI or Ultron uses it to create Vision.  I don’t know if they meant to do this, but it really strikes up the whole Nature vs Nurture debate.  When vision woke up he had part of Ultron and Part of Jarvis’ program running him and woke up to a room full of Super Heroes, put that into contrast with Ultron, when he woke up had unfettered access to the Internet and after about two minutes decided that humanity must be destroyed (He probably got sucked into the comment section.)

Basically the Mind stone is pretty unpredictable and you should use it at your own risk.  The Mind stone currently sits in the middle of Vision’s forehead and it’s probably well protected since Vision is constantly aware of where it is at.

Loki with Sceptre

Reality Stone

The Reality Stone is the only of the stones that does not appear to be a stone.  We first meet the reality stone in Thor the Dark World where the evil Dark Elf Maleketh tries to use it to use it to plunge the universe into eternal darkness.  Of course the Asgardians stop him and the universe is saved for another day. Then Jane Foster gets sucked into a portal many years later and the whole dark world scene happens again and well the Asgardians win and they take the Aether away for safe keeping.

My biggest problem with the use of this Reality stone is that the power of the Reality stone is to … CONTROL REALITY! You can do anything that you want with this, cats lying down with Dogs – No Problem. 2+2=5, sure why not? Fame, Fortune, Power, your wish is my command! And all Maleketh wants to do is make the world Dark?  Come on where is your imagination? But I guess that is why the bad guy always loses, not enough imagination for a good plan.  For a stone so powerful, I was a little surprised where the Asgardians decided to safeguard it, because Odin already had one stone in his possession he gave it to the Collector (Benecio Del Torro’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy) because he seems super trustworthy, right?


Power Stone

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy that is where we first see the Power Stone.  Star Lord’s introduction where he’s singing and dancing to Come and Get your love while using alien rats as Microphones is the first time we see the Power stone, or at least the case for the Power stone.  The world that he is on looks like a bomb went off, and well since the power stone was there it probably did. The Power Stone is an unlimited power source, think about it like nuclear energy, when harnessed it can be an extremely strong power source, but when allowed to overload it turns into a destructive force, the same is true for the Power Stone and that is why it can only be used by the extremely strong.  Ronan the Accuser, a Kree Warrior was able to use it because of his strength and the fact that he actually wasn’t touching it, he had it inside his hammer.  Even the Celestial in the clip where the collector is explaining its power had it inside of a staff.  So the fact that Peter Quill could control it with the rest of his team is quite impressive.  

At the End of the movie the Guardians of the Galaxy double cross the ravagers (giving them a troll doll instead of the Power Stone and give the Power Stone to the Nova Corp for protection.  I had a lot of hopes that the Nova Corps would use the power stone to give their elite members some real power like in the comics, but at this point I don’t think we’re going to get that, there just isn’t enough time


Time Stone

Speaking of time in, Marvel’s latest movie, Doctor Strange we are introduced to the Time stone.  I think that Marvel got a little lazy with the hints because in this movie Wong Tells Doctor Strange something to the effect of, be careful with that infinity stone. It felt a little forced but if anyone would know what an infinity stone is it would be Wong, and after 14 MCU movies it should be us as well.

In the MCU the amulet that Doctor Strange wears is called the Eye of Agamotto and is the Time stone. I think that this is the first time that the villains of the movie weren’t after this object of great power, which was kind of a breath of fresh air that it wasn’t a hunt for the next magical macguffin. Right now it is assumed that the Eye of Agamotto is still in the sanctuary in Kampala, but if Strange is living in the New York sanctuary maybe it is there.


Soul Stone

The Soul Stone is the last of the Infinity stones and the only one that we haven’t seen yet. With the timeline for the movies it only makes sense that it is going to make an appearance in Thor Ragnarok. One of the recently cast villains in Ragnarok is Hela who in the comics has the power to resurrect the dead to turn them into warriors and in both legend and comics she is the Asgardian version of Hades ruling the underworld. Interestingly enough in the comics one of the abilities of the soul stone is to resurrect the dead. If I had to put money on how the stone would come into play it would be either being used by her or being used to stop her.

But I guess we will have to wait and see

Hela Concept Art

Is Uncle Joe done?

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