It’s Still Feige

E3 brought a ton of game announcements (Including BattleToads,) The DCEU has figured out a solution to Super HERO fatigue, There are some new movie trailers, and Jeph Loeb opens up about Iron Fist.  We have a Sexy Ian Malcolm funko pop to give away, and we ask for your input on the Fandom Podcast Musical episode! Get ready because here’s a new episode of The Fandom Podcast!

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We Acknowledge the fact that no one hates star wars like it’s “fans” there are lots of other podcasts that will do a better job than us. Nerd Dome Podcast has a great episode on it. Check it out.

Sexy Jeff Goldblum

  • We’re giving away a Sexy Jeff Goldblum Funko pop hunger games style to our patrons.  For every dollar donated or pledged you will be entered to win the funko pop.  We will be giving it away on June 22.

Musical episode

  • We have reached the musical episode level on our patreon and are looking for suggestions on what you would like to see.  Let us know in the Fandomaniacs group or email us to

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