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News Episode 143:

This week in the news we talk about so many Disney properties (We sure are glad that the small indie company is finally having some success)  DC is going to start a streaming service with a Harley Quinn cartoon, Live action Teen Titans and Young Justice Season 3 (Thanks Netflix.) Rian Johnson is finally giving us a movie without the fan service or he has taken a page from JJ Abrams book (There’s no Khan Here) and would you watch 17 minutes of a show on Facebook?  All that and more on this week’s Fandom Podcast!



William on the Tweeters


Patrick Clark on the Facepage

Patrick S R Clark About the “Rampage” trailer: there was that moment when I started to wonder why there were only two monsters. Then the Davis character said more or less what I was thinking. Did they name the gorilla after finding him in the jungle?

Branden Ushio I have a feeling we’re thinking too much about the plot of this movie XD

Nik English I thought the same thing? We have George. I saw Ralph…where is Lizzie?


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Patron Funko Pop Giveaway- Winner Colton Cutshaw

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Colton Cutshaw won our Patreon Funko Pop giveaway and we will be holding another giveaway for Patrons on New Year’s Eve! All Patron levels are qualified to win and if you can get a friend to interact with the show it qualifies you for another entry into the drawing!


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