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Ilvermorny History

Getting ready for the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them” movie, JK Rowling has put out a whole ton of information on Pottermore about Ilvermorny which is the North American Wizarding school in Massachusetts. Here is a link to the short story about how that school was founded. And If you plan on reading that I highly recommend that you do that before listening to the show, we will be talking a lot about that story and the implication is has on the greater wizarding world.

We talk about which TV Reality show may have influenced the new sorting ceremony, how the new houses do and don’t line up with Hogwarts, and sort a few characters from fandom into houses in Ilvermorny.

Boy Wonder Trivia:

Last Week: Who played the voice of Marvin the Robot on Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? Alan Rickman.

Next week we will begin a new segment called Random Fandom.  Send us a fandom and we will spend a few minutes discussing it.  If you want to tell us about it we will include that on air, but if you just want to give us the fandom then we will look it up and talk about it.

Top News

DC TV News –

Tom Felton going to play a new CSI on The Flash –

Constantine on CW Seed Online Streaming

Green Lantern Characters going to be on Arrow –  http://io9.gizmodo.com/a-green-lantern-character-will-investigate-oliver-on-ar-1782834964

Cody Rhodes on Arrow – http://nerdist.com/cody-rhodes-will-face-stephen-amell-once-more-this-time-on-arrow/

Movie News – 

Pacific Rim 2 gets release date in 2018 http://geektyrant.com/news/pacific-rim-2-lands-a-new-release-date-john-boyega-will-fight-kaiju-in-2018

House Venn Diagram

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