July 15th Comicbook Review


Moon Knight #17

There is a shelter bringing in homeless that has room for everyone.  The catch is those that come in just have to do their part.  Moon Knight investigates and finds that it is being run in the name of khonshu.  A creepy lady claims to be another disciple of the God of Night Travelers, but her interpretations are different.  Moon Knight says she is wrong, and he will stop her.  But if she is right in her worship, he will fail.  Overall I love that they have been exploring more of khonshu.  Building stories on more of the lore, but still being nice one shot stories.


Silver Surfer #13

The Surfer and Dawn decide to take the long way home, and visit all the friends they made along the way.  When they come to the place where they first met they learn the universe is being erased.  Surfer tries to outrun it, but it is Dawn from the future who shows Dawn from the present where to go.  They end up outside of space and time and see Doom is now Eternity.  The strangers who opened the tear for them to escape into has a plan.  They are going to remake the universe.  Overall I loved the trip down memory lane with them visiting their friends.  And the allons-y reference made the Whovian side of me smile.  I love that the savior of Secret Wars could be Surfer and Dawn.


Years of Future Past #3

Giant size, dragon size, Lockheed joins the battle against the Doom Sentinels.  In the frey Cameron is almost crushed, and Kitty lets slip that he is her son.  Kitty gets her kids out of there and to a place of sanctuary looked over by the reverend Nightcrawler.  Chrissie and Cameron cope with finding out their siblings,  and we learn what happened to Cameron to be living with Wolverine.  Nightcrawler shows them the mutant camps and Chrissie rushes in recklessly to free everyone.  But was it a smart choice?  Overall I absolutely loved seeing Lockheed kick butt.  And Cameron throws some good references that Chrissie doesn’t understand.  One of which I totally related with.  This story has been very political wordy, but on point when it needs the action; a well balanced title.


Mercury Heat #1

Luiza is Police on the planet Mercury.  She has a suit that amplifies her strength and decreases her pain.  She decides to investigate a suspicious death, and is met with opposition.  She crushes the oppositions head with her thighs.  Overall I was rather disappointed in this book.  There were a couple of grammatical errors early, and a lot of swearing.  I am not opposed to swearing in comics, but in here it felt out of place and lazy writing.  The story did not interest me enough to even want to read issue 2.


Book of Death #1

Gilad is protecting a young Geomancer who can read from the Book of the Dead.  He is trying to prevent the events of the book from coming to fruition.  Even if that means fighting against his old friends, and teammates, to do it.  An unseen Geomancer hunts the young girl as well.  And this Geomancer has control over insects.  Overall this issue made me wish I read more Valiant when I was younger, or when I was getting back into comics.  As an event it is starting out way better than Convergence or Secret Wars.


Armor Wars #3

Marshal Rhodes tells Kiri what he has learned about Peter’s death.  He knows Peter died because he had knowledge of why they all had to wear the suits.  And he knows that Peter suspected Kingpin’s involvement.  Kiri uses this to motivate herself to finish her project.  Tony goes after his brother for the attack on Kiri’s facility.  They fight a little and crash to earth; where they start laughing like two brothers who had been rough housing.  Rhodey confront Wilson Fisk, and brings an army to fight Fisk’s army.  Overall I just want to know the damn mystery; that is all that intrigues me with this story.  But like a good story teller they haven’t tipped their hand yet.  I can respect that  However, if it were not for the mystery I would not continue with the series.


Planet Hulk #3

Devil finds his way back to Cap, and saves him from the sea-hulk creature.  They, along with Doc Green, take the direct path to the Red Hulk, going through the Mud Lands.  This is where the “civilized” hulks fight against the “savage” hulk tribes.  So which side are they going to encounter first, and will they be greeted nicely?  Overall it was a slow issue.  Establishing more of the Gamma World, and what Cap’s options are regarding the Red Hulk.

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