July 1st Comicbook Review


Giant Size Little Marvel AvX #2

Two new kids, twins, move in to town.  Both Giant Size Little teams invite the new siblings to their secret club houses.  They aren’t very secret considering they are 10 feet away from each other.  Before brother and sister arrive the teams erupt into an all out brawl.  Overall this series is one of the funniest, kid friendly, stories to come out in ages.  I love Skottie Young’s art and storytelling.  If you are not reading this one you need to be


Outcast #10

Kyle struggles with the outcome of helping the lost girl.  She is demon free, but comatose.  Just like Kyle’s mother who has never woken up from when Kyle exercised the demon inside her.  He argues with the reverend, and gets out of the car and walk off.  Kyle ends up at his ex-wife’s house.  They sit on the front porch and talk.  We learn what happened that forced Kyle out of their lives.  And we learn that they still love each other; and if Kyle could figure things out, who knows.  Erstwhile the mysterious neighbor learns that the reverend is working with Kyle from on of the possessed.  The issue ends with him confronting the reverend as the reverend gets home.  Overall I loved learning more about what Kyle did that lead to him living on his own away from his wife and daughter.  Kirkman is developing a very intriguing world with Outcast.


Groot #2

Groot is alone in space.  After getting hit by a space bus he flashes back to long ago.  We learn how Groot and Rocket first met.  How the two became friends, and why Rocket understands what Groot is saying.  This flashback motivates Groot to go after Rocket.  As he’s racing towards Rocket he crashes in to a couple of space travelers whose stories I have been following.  Overall this was a five star issue.  Learning how Rocket and Groot met was perfect.  And the clever way they showed what Groot was saying on the bus when he was saying “I am Groot” was genius.  But the surprise at the end was probably my favorite part.


Batman Arkham Knight #6

Bane believes that Gotham is the promised land of his people, and to achieve that promised land Batman must be eliminated.  Ivy helps Batman out for her own selfish reasons, but when they end up under Arkham City she escapes.  Bats goes after Bane and finds his “home” under the city.  Banes madness for Batman causes him to bring the whole place down on top of him and his soldiers.  Our mysterious vigilante from earlier issues pulls Bane out of the rubble at the end.  Overall this story is starting to lose its excitement.  I assumed it would be a mini-series since it was billed as a gap between the second and third game.  But 6 issues in, and the story is still going; even though the game is now released.


Onyx #1

Onyx is an alien that comes to Earth hunting another alien that had destroyed Onyx’s home planet.  The evil alien burrows into a planet and corrupts all flora, fauna, and creatures.  A specialty military team is dispatched to investigate the meteor crashes.  They encounter Onyx, listen to her story, and decide it is in their best interest to work together, for now.  Overall it was an OK story.  Being that this is a 4 issue mini-series I will probably read them all.  However, if this was the start of a new ongoing series I would probably stop after this issue.


Secret Wars #4

The Thors are locked in battle with the “bad guy” survivors.  One Thor leaves the fight to inform Doom of the struggle.  Sheriff Strange, along with the “good guy” survivors, also learn of the fight.  Everyone comes together and Doom puts a stop to the fighting.  When he calls himself God, Phoenix Force Cyclops attacks him.  Doom shows his power by withstanding the Phoenix force and snapping Cyclops neck.  Strange teleports everyone else away, scattering them throughout the world.  Doom, unpleased with Stephen’s actions, appears to tear him apart, literally.  Overall, unlike convergence, this main Secret Wars title has been outstanding.  Each time it explains more about the world and why it came to be.  As well it really explores the characters that are major players, and how they are truly affected by this change.


Years of Future Past #2

Our rag tag band of remaining future mutants escape the sentinel attack by going down into the sewers.  They go to a mutant sanctuary called “Centrum”.  There is a lot of talking in this issue about how things came to be, about what is right, and what is moral.  Rachel finds Storm, and she is being used as a battery for the sentinel program.  The Doom Sentinels find Centrum and attack; Kitty takes the two young kids to get their “Little Guard.”  Overall there is some great speeches in this book, particularly one given by Colossus.  And the last page reveal of who their guard is had me fist pumping with excitement.  That one page made me love this book entirely.


A-Force #2

With the help of the Atlanteans, A-Force discovers the source of the giant shark was a portal.  Meanwhile Nico is befriending the mysterious young lady that fell from the skies with the stars in her.  Lady Loki discovers Nico and her friend and insists they inform She-Hulk.  While the team talks about what to do with this newcomer another portal opens dropping a sentinel in their mists.  Big fight, sentinel defeated, and back to the problem at hand.  Medusa insists that the girl is the cause of the portals, She-Hulk isn’t so sure.  All she is sure about is that they need answers.  She goes through the still open portal and ends up in another domain.  Overall it was an alright issue.  But in all honesty A-Force isn’t living up to it’s hype.

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