July 22nd Comicbook Review


Grayson #10

Grayson flees the scene, leaving his partner behind.  The director tells him to make the drop as planned.  Agent 1 is able to get away from the scene and asks to go after Dick.  The director instead sends him on a mission in Italy.  At the drop site Grayson learns that he is supposed to make the drop to Lex Luthor.  He obviously doesn’t think this is a good idea, so he makes a dramatic exit.  Not knowing who to trust he goes to find Agent 1.  Overall what is there not to love about this series.  The art is fantastic and you get a good spy thriller story with reminders that this is still the DC universe.


Old Man Logan #3

Old Man Logan is being pursued by a Thor for being out of his realm.  Instead of running he takes the fight to the Thor.  During the battle he falls, but instead of hitting the ground he falls into another realm.  When he wakes up he is in the Armour Wars realm, Technopolis.  Thor-Rhodes wants to take him in, Tony wants to experiment on him, Logan wants to leave.  In the end Thor-Rhodes ends up sending him over the wall.  Overall the art is gritty, the storytelling is on point, and the experience is amazing.  I love this Wolverine, and his don’t care attitude.


Punisher #20

The Punisher is on a rampage punishing the terrorist compound.  He has everyone scared except for the big boss man.  The big boss man has a mini-gun set up, and clips Castle with it.  So Castle does what he does; kills the gunner and walks right up to the boss while being shot.  After taking out the boss all that is left is killing as many more as possible before the wounds take their toll.  But does this mean no more Punisher?  Of course not, Secret Wars is going on.  Overall this was just a kick ass issue, for lack of a more fitting description.  The art is on point with the use of the colors.  Sad to see this series end.


Star Lord & Kitty Pryde #1

Peter Quill  -616 Peter Quill, the Peter Quill from Mr Fantastic’s ship that crashed on Battle World- is a bar room singer.  He sings Disney songs, and hides out from Doom’s forces.  The girls swoon over him, but his heart is still Kitty Pryde’s.  Kitty Pryde from AoA is working for Valeria Doom, and meeting with Gambit The Collector about an unknown artifact.  When Peter sees her he interrupts Kitty and Gambit’s transaction.  Gambit makes off with both the payment and the artifact.  But when Kitty realizes Peter is a living unknown anomaly she decides he will be a better delivery to Valeria Doom.  Overall it was a fun story, especially the Disney songs.  The artwork is a little cartoonish, but good.  Really, though, lets be honest; anything with half decent Kitty Pryde I am going to love.


All New Hawkeye #4

Where last issue we got the current story, and the flashback story in the bottom panel of each page; this issue we got the opposite.  We spend most of the issue in the flashback.  We see Clint becoming proficient with the bow through Swordman’s training.  Meanwhile Clint’s brother Barney is being taught how to be a pick pocket and a thief.  We see even as a young kid Clint had the mentality of the hero; his situation just didn’t allow for that.  In the bottom, current story, panels we see Kate and Clint taking care of the kids.  They are attacked by Hydra and while fighting to get the kids out they get pinned on the roof.  When all looks hopeless the kids go nuclear, literally.  Overall this issue was fantastic.  I love the differences in art to let you know if you are in a flashback, or current day.  The flashback story is shaping up awesomely.  Fans of Hawkeye will know that with the circus he was a criminal.  they are explaining how that comes about, along with his exceptional archery skills.


Teen Titans #10

Elite, the S.T.A.R. labs version of Teen Titans, has found the Teen Titans in Chicago.  They want to bring Superboy in, he doesn’t want to go in, and a fight breaks out.  Red Robin and Raven teleport to Manchester Blacks apartment in New York to get answers about who killed the people Superboy is accused of killing.  Superboy kicks some Elite ass before taking off for parts unknown.  Elite realizes where Red Robin and Raven went, and show up.  Can the two Titans get past Elite and find what they need to save Superboy?  Overall it was a fun issue, but didn’t really do much to drive the story along.  A little disappointed


TMNT: Casey & April #2

Split up on different tasks, both Casey and April run into people that reveal more about themselves than they were ready for.  Casey, realizing his task was a bust, heads back to the gas station.  April finds a trailer in the middle of no where and goes to tell the owner her brother will be late.  When Casey gets back to the gas station it is old and run down.  He realizes that April is walking into a trap, but he cannot get through to her phone to tell her.  The Rat King captures April, but who could be helping him create the illusions?  Overall it was a good character development story for Casey and April.  Hopefully with that out of the way the action will pick up.


Cyborg #1

Somewhere in another galaxy the Technosapiens and Tekbreakers are fighting a war.  On Earth Cyborg is at S.T.A.R. labs in Detroit.  He is showing his father his new upgrades he received, after he died.  Dr Stone, and his team, become so fascinated by Victor’s upgrades that they forget he is their.  In his frustration, Victor, walks out of the lab and to Sarah’s office.  They get out of the lab to go get coffee, and Victor runs into an old high school opponent from his football days.  Meanwhile the Technosapiens win their battle, and find new technology that they vow to track down.  Could this tech be the same tech that upgraded Cyborg?  Overall I was prepared to be let down like the last few new DC titles I read, but instead I was pleasantly surprised.  This series has serious potential, and I hope DC explores it.



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