July 29th Comicbook Review


Black Widow #20

In the present Natasha is trying to help save people from the end of the world.  In the past we see the rest of Black Widow’s first mission for the Red Room.  Black Widow does what she was trained to do.  When her mission is over, unfortunately, so is this series.  Overall this was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series.  The details of the story weren’t exactly important.  What the story did, though, was show the woman with red in her ledger that Natasha was working to balance out.  Great series, with amazing art, love all around!


Invisible Republic #5

From Maia’s journal we learn that Arthur had become the face behind rebellion for the murders on the beaches.  Maia’s bee keeping master is actually involved in the rebellion, and it was his bomb that hurt her.  At a rally by the government, Arthur makes an appearance and all hell breaks loose.  Maia has a choice to go with the government, or go with the rebellion.  She chooses the people she knows.  In the present the reporter and his new friend work hard to unravel the mystery of the journal, and Arthur McBride’s rebellion.  When they notice Maia missing from an old photograph that has been republished in Arthur’s books they go looking for answers.  Who they are find will help unravel a lot of threads in this story.  Overall I feel about as lost as the reporter at this point.  More so though in where this story is heading.  I am going to give the benefit of the doubt that the know where they are taking this ride.  So I plan on riding a little longer.


Ninjak #5

After taking out Kannon, Ninjak is now running Weaponeer.  With each client he meets he is tagging them to be tracked.  His goal is tracking down, and eliminating the Shadow Seven.  In flashbacks Collin’s parent’s return and he tricks his dad into revealing the location of their safe room.  His spy tendencies are starting to form.  Overall it was a rushed issue.  It goes from middle of a fight, to flashback, to one month after the fight.  Not the best story telling method.


Doctor Who, 9th Doctor #3

The Unon show up to break up the illegal arms trafficking, and as a result the time bubble starts shutting down.  The Doctor, being who he is, demands to talk to one of the Unon while everyone else is trying to get out of the time bubble.  When he gets the attention of one it disintegrates him.  Rose and Jack, thinking he is dead rush to the TARDIS.  The TARDIS however is trying to be opened by another group.  Jack has to pull off some heroics to get in and open the TARDIS, but did Rose make it in before the time bubble collapsed.  The Doctor is not dead, but in a void where he gets his meeting with the Unon.  They are on a crusade to clean up time and space, and they blame Gallifreians for the mess.  They want to know what a look inside the Doctor’s mind.  Can he keep them out?  Overall what started as a confusing issue cleared up, and answered some other questions.  I love 9 and they write him perfectly in this.


Spawn #254

A demon approaches Spawn on behalf of Satan.  She wants to show him that they can manipulate time, as a threat and a temptation.  She takes Al back in time to the Titanic, just before the ice berg.  Al learns that the Archangel Gabriel is working on the side of Satan.  Gabriel tries to convince Spawn to save an old man and his son from dying, but Al refuses.  He knows that any changes in the past will change the future.  Al recognizes that this is all an attempt by Satan to get him to seal Wanda’s fate in hell.  Al and the demon return ti the present, but she isn’t done with him.  Overall it was a cool story.  Seeing Al make the hard decision to preserve the timeline was awesome.  This story is continuing improving and evolving.


Thors #2

The Thors have a funeral for Beta Ray Thor, and then go on the rampage rounding up suspects.  None of the suspects, however, lead to any answers.  All Ultimate Thor has to go on is the name Jane Foster.  While searching for a Jane Foster an unworthy Thor -Thor from 616- appears and tells Ultimate to drop the search.  After they fight, Unworthy Thor informs Ultimate Thor that all Jane Fosters are dead.  Throg -Thor Frog- confirms what Unworthy has said, but finds another body similar to their case, Donald Blake.  And a suspect at the scene.  Overall like any good mystery, early in it’s story, more questions are raised than answered.  I trust in Jason Aaron’s writing that all will be answered by the end.  If you like “Law & Order” you will like Thors.


Daredevil #17

Fisk is able to kidnap Shroud’s wife Julia from the airport.  When Matt goes to confront him, he learns that Kingpin has a couple more hostages.  Foggy and Kristen are being held along with Julia by Ikari.  Matt offers himself up to save his friends, but there is only one thing Fisk wants, Matt Murdock dead.  Fisk reminds Murdock that he only needs one of his friends as a hostage, so even if he wins he loses.  Ikari and Daredevil go at it for hours; fighting to a stand still until the Shroud intervenes.  Shroud throws Ikari off a building thus dooming either Foggy or Kristen.  Overall it was a pretty intense issue.  Ikari is a bad A villain, and the art of the fights panels was tight.  I’m excited to see how Matt saves his friends.


X-men ’92 #2

Cassandra Nova is trying to temper the X-men’s violent tendencies.  She starts with the most feral, Wolverine.  After making Logan docile she turns her attention to Storm.  We learn that Cassandra is actually combined with Shadow King.  They have felt all the minds in Battleworld.  In all other X domains they blame the X-men for what has gone wrong.  They think by making these X-men nice their domain will be fine.  Storm’s strong will, though, gets her rejected from the program.  Next Gambit and Rogue need to be fixed of not only their violence, but their sexual tension.  Cassandra makes them her puppets.  Beast is rejected on looks alone.  While all of this is going on Jubilee finds the other rejects and her and Beast learn more about what is going on.  If that wasn’t enough the issue ends with X-Force showing up at the X Mansion looking for Xavier.  Overall there was a lot that went on, but that isn’t always a good thing.  This felt like a double issue because it took so long to read.  But it is an improvement from the first issue.

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