July 8th Comicbook review


Descender #5

The scrappers take Tim and the others to Gnish.  Driller, the bot dog, and the soldier are sent to the pits to fight for their lives.  Tim, the captain, and the Doctor Quon are taken to be tortured for information.  They want to know the secrets of the Tim-bots and the Harvesters.  But can Dr Quon tell them what they want before they torture him to much?  Overall this world keeps growing into something more and more interesting.  A very great series.


Rebels #4

Seth and Ezekiel fight at the battle of Bunker Hill.  They loose the land, but deal heavy losses, and catch the eye of General George Washington.  General Washington tasks Ethan with sending men to be the security forces bringing cannons down from Fort Ticonderoga.  General Washington, however, doesn’t like his interaction with Seth, and does not want him going on the mission.  Ethan sends Seth anyways.  When Seth and Ezekiel arrive they have to help ready the cannons for the trip back.  Overall I thought it was cool adding General Washington, and even better that he didn’t gush over Seth.  It added a realism to the story that I truly appreciated.


Age of Apocalypse #1

Holocaust is hunting Douglas Ramsey, but not even Cypher knows why.  A team of X-men arrive to rescue him.  They take Holocaust out, permanently, and loose their loves in the process.  Cypher ends up in Dark Beasts lab.  At the behest of Sinister Cypher is taken on a mission with the Elite Mutant Force.  He can feel the tension between Cyclops and Havok.  On the mission he realizes he can decipher the hidden intents of what is being said.  The message he learns is that the humans are planning a virus that will kill all mutants.  Magneto and more X-men attack with the I tents of saving Cypher.  Overall it was a good AoA story.  Their is potential here for some awesome AoA happenings.


Broken World #2

A couple of days after the asteroid has missed Earth, and most people are partying.  Professor Marlowe, however, is wallowing in self pity at her son and husband having left the planet.  She contemplates using one of the suicide boxes, but is distracted by two men breaking in to her house.  She finds a box with info on an alternate way off world.  3 months later she is still working on getting off world when she runs into one of her students.  Her student and her brother want to join with a group preparing to put civilization back together, but don’t have a map or GPS to get there.  Professor Marlowe takes them, but is the camp going to welcome them with open arms, or hostility?  Overall this series is every bit as good as Descender.  A post apocalyptic world where


Civil War #1

The events of Civil War have carried on.  Now 6 years latter the land is divided in to two factions, the Iron and the Blue.  Tony and Steve have finally agreed to meet in the middle and discuss peace.  But a Sniper shot from the Blue side of the divide kills their mediator.  The shot cam from 2 and a half mile out, a shot only Bullseye could make.  Bullseye is living in the Iron, and the shot was actually intended to hit Cap.  But can it really be as cut and dry as it seems?  Overall it was a slow story, but a good story.  I like the idea of this Civil War continuing to play out.  Especially since it looks like both sides are being tricked into continuing to fight it.


Ghost Racers #2

We find out how Reyes ended up in the Ghost Races.  And it is confirmed that he knows about the torture that goes on with the losers.  Robbie was trying to protect Gabe from being arrested when the Doom cop realized he has an igniter spirit.  Robbie looses his first race.  During the torture Eli promises him if Robbie doesn’t loose he will get them out.  Arcade bets on Reyes loosing and rigs things for that to happen.  But Eli comes through and gets them out of their in the middle of the race.  Arcade sends every other Ghost Racer after him.  Overall the back story set up was cool.  What is more exciting is the path they are setting up to go down by releasing all the other Racers to go after Reyes.


Spider-Verse #3

The Sinister Six stomps the band of six spider types.  They take them all back to Oscorp.  Norman Osborne swears it was a miss understanding, that he needs their help.  He shows them a 5th dimensional rendering of the Web of the Universe,  and it is unraveling.  Osborne believes them to all be a part of it, and would like their help in understanding it.  Gwen is the only one who doesn’t think it a good idea to stay.  She leaves and does some hero stuff.  At the end she is found by the regular Peter Parker.  Overall the story is intriguing, and the art is not bad.  But it is not the same art as Spider-Gwen and I find it distracting when they focus on Gwen.  Because I loved the art in Spider-Gwen.


Inferno #3

Dark Child Illyana turns Nightcrawler into a true demon.  She uses him to teleport out, leaving her brother and Domino trapped in.  Her attack proves too much for the X-men, and she is able to lower the shields and let the demon hordes at the city.  It appears as if she has finally won.  But what role does Mr Sinister have to play in all of this.  Overall I am glad this is a mini-series.  It has been an OK story at best, but I am in too deep to quit now.

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