June 10th Comicbook Review


Spider-Gwen #5

Felicia Hardy books Gwen’s band to open for her, which they begrudgingly accept.  We learn a lot about this Black Cat and her hatred for Murdock.  During the concert she pulls a stunt that enrages Murdock and ninjas attack.  Spider-Gwen steps in and we learn why her dad has been targeted.  The story ends with Castle’s partner talking to Stacey letting him know she knows he is a good cop.  Overall it was a fun issue.  Good character introduction, and story development.  Then I read the editor’s page and saw this is the last issue due to Secret Wars.  Damn you Secret Wars!  This was a great verse they were establishing, and the story obviously had places to go.  Hopefully it comes back after Secret Wars.


Descender #4

Tim-21 is safe with the UGC, or so he is told.  The UGC seems to have ulterior motives with Tim-21.  When they are attacked by another group of scrappers they quickly realize they are out matched.  The Captain tries to bribe them by offering double what they would get for scrap.  But the scrappers aren’t looking to make money off of the bots.  They are planning on melting them.  Overall I love how this world keeps growing.  And I love Driller, beautifully written.  The water color art is awesome.


Rebels #3

Seth Abbott is away on a mission while his wife is at home taking care of the homestead.  In flash backs we learn of a time Seth’s father fell in a frozen lake and Seth had to drag him home on the sled.  A trip taking 4 days for young Seth.  When Seth gets home from his mission he is only home long enough to get resupplied and move out with the others to attach to the Continental Army.  His wife is not happy about him leaving again, but doesn’t tell him the reason why.  Overall this issue was great about showing the friction between those that go off to war, and their loved ones that stay behind.  For me this hit really close to home.  I understand the leaving for war side, but not the side of being a loved one left behind.  I loved the reverent way they approached this subject, and the artful way they represented it.


Silver Surfer #12

Everything is perfect on New Newhaven, almost too perfect.  Norrin and Dawn are happy and realizing how they really feel for each other.  But do they really feel that way, or is it New Newhaven.  When they decide to leave everyone realizes that the planet is alive, Euphoria.  With this knowledge some choose to leave, most choose to stay, and Norrin and Dawn continue on their journey.  Overall I felt a little foolish waiting for the 2 of them to finally get together.  That is how good this series has been, turning me into mushy romantic type.


Silk #5

Pokémon dudes daughter is kidnapped by Black Cat, and he blames Silk.  Cindy agrees to help him, and calls in Spider-Man for backup.  Of course it is all a trap.  Felicia arrives as they are rescuing the girl.  Silk tells Spidey to get the other 2 out.  As the 2 ladies prepare to throw down someone intervenes on the behalf of Silk.  The twist is who it is, and why they stepped in.  Overall this story felt incredibly quick because it was a page turner.  I love the parallels between Cindy and Peter, but they have their key differences.  And you know it was a good week when there were 4 books ahead of this one on my reading list this week.


Spider-Verse #2

So what happens in the story isn’t really the story.  It is just filler.  This issue is really about these different Spider-types coming together.  The 3 that came together last issue join up with Gwen and Ham.  The 5 then go and end up meeting with Noir.  They 6 came together just in time for the Sinister Six to find them.  Overall it was a “building” issue that nothing really important happens, other than the 6 coming together.  Also I do not like this Spider-Gwen.  After 5 issues getting to know her in her own title (Damn you Secret Wars!) I don’t like this one.


Secret Wars 2099 #2

Captain America is attacked at home, in her bed.  The assassin kills himself when he realizes he failed.  An investigation of the body leads to an arms dealer.  The team assembles to confront this bad guy.  Unfortunately for them someone else is their questioning him first.  Hulk 2099 doesn’t appreciate these Avengers being there; nor does the rest of his team, the Defenders.  Overall there were some cool little things thrown in as far as character back stories.  Other than that it was a rather average read.


Ghost Racers #1

The Spirits of Vengeance are literally racing.  It a roller derby style race between 5 Riders for the enjoyment of the rest of Battel World.  Our newest Rider, Reyes has been on a winning streak for the ages, making him a fan favorite.  While he lives the life of a winner the other Riders are tortured by Arcades men.  But with everyone now betting on Reyes what will Arcade rig to make sure the house doesn’t pay out.  Overall it was an alright 1st issue.  I am more excited about where the story can go if these Riders break free of Arcade.

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