June 17th Comicbook Review


Old Man Logan #2

Old Man Logan crawls out if his part of Battle World and into the Age of Apocalypse part of Battle World.  Neither him nor the AoA X-men realize how he could be Logan, but have a different past from AoA Logan.  Unfortunately before they can sort it out Sabertooth tracks Old Logan.  Apocalypse and his Horsemen attack.  Overall I didn’t think I could like Old Man Logan more.  Then they took him to one of my favorite story arcs of all time.  So much love for this book.


Moon Knight #16

Bad guys with winged, flying jet packs kid nap people off the streets.  Moon Knight in his crescent moon glider gives pursuit.  He uses the technology equipped within his glider to take 3 of the 4 bad guys out.  He follows the 4th bad guy to his hideout.  While searching the hide out Marc finds a group of prisoners waiting for death to come claim them.  The last bad guy tries to prevent Spector from saving the prisoners, but fails.  The issue ends with Moon Knight telling the people to follow him, and a cheap shot at his god.  Overall it was cool seeing the title get back to letting the art tell most of the story.  And got away from all the religious stuffs.  A good story turned great by the art work.


Thors #1

Thors is a lot like a cop procedural with Ultimate Thor  and Beta Ray Bill add the detectives.  5 women have been killed in five kingdoms, all in the same way.  All Thors have been called in to solve this before Doom deems our detectives unworthy.  Ultimate works the evidence, learning the victims are all the same woman.  Beta works the streets and learns the woman’s name from an informant.  Beta is attacked by an unknown assailant, and with his last words tells Ultimate the woman’s name.  Overall it is a Jason Aaron book, so you know it’s week written.  I was not expecting a Law and Order: Thors, but with their roll in Battle World it is fitting.  A good read with good art.


Armor Wars #2

Thor Machine helps with the autopsy on Spyder-Man, Peter Urich.  When his armor is removed we see what the virus dies to someone out of armor.  Meanwhile Tony’s brother and the Kingpin send in a spot in an undetectable armor to find out what Kiri is developing.  Once the spy has the information he trips the security system to see what defenses are there.  The defenses are a lot of laser guns that are ineffective, and a giant armor hand that is very effective.  To wrap up we learn that the Spyder armor recorded everything; what Peter was working on, and who liked him.  They are repairing the hard drive and when it is fixed they will know who liked Peter, and who caused the virus.  Overall just an average issue.  The intrigue at the end about what the Spyder suit learned was the only really interesting part.


TMNT: Casey & April #1

Casey and April are road tripping to find information regarding an old scroll.  Unfortunately for these two young love birds all this alone time is shining a light on their differences.  They stop for lunch at a small town diner and a couple of the locals start to harass them.  Casey being Casey has to make something of it, and ends up in a fight with the two cowboys.  April drags him off before the authorities can get involved.  As their luck would have it they back into an old mans truck trying to leave the gas station.  The damage is superficial, but you get the feeling that it was no accident.  Their is just something fishy about the old man, and he convinces the 2 to split up; Casey tracking down a lead for their mission, and April going to let the old man’s sister he will be late.  With the 2 split and headed in different direction the motives of the “old man” are revealed.  Overall I liked it.  There is not a lot of action, but it feels genuine.  I totally can believe these two characters having some friction on a road trip.  And with the way it ends it sets up nicely for plenty of action to come.


Magneto #19

Magneto and Briar are seeking out every way they can to amplify Mags powers before the incursion.  In the other parts of the story we see Magneto struggling to use so much power without burning out before he saves Earth.  After arranging for a stronger MGH formula, and obtaining power amplifiers from Sugar Man, the only thing left is for Magneto to find out Who Briar really is.  Overall this was an issue that took a whole issue to tell a 3 page story.  I am ready for this series to be over.


Deadpool’s Secret Wars #2

Deadpool is walking through the desert. topless, and handsome.  And , oh yeah, all of the others heroes are dead.  How? What? why?  The Lizard attacks Wade and looses his tail.  Wade convinces him to quit attacking.  In flashback-ish parts of the issue we learn what was going on with DP and the other heroes.  We even learn how wade lost the scars.  I guess we will have to wait to find out why everyone else is dead.  Overall the only part I was happy about with this issue is that it wasn’t 2 short stories, but 1 regular issue.  Other then that it was an underwhelming Deadpool story.


Black Canary #1

So Dina is the lead singer of a band.  And she keeps getting in fights at their shows.  Culminating in a fight with evil monsters that are actually after the band’s guitar player.  She promises to protect the kid, and train the rest of the team.  Overall I was seriously disappointed in this title.  Not what I was expecting or hoping for.  On the bright side I will not have to spend $3 every month on this title.

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