June 3rd Comicbook Review


Giant Size Little X-men #1

The kid Avengers and kid X-men start a street vendor war for the business of the rest of the Marvel kids.  Each time one upping each other until a fight ensues.  The fighting is broken up by the arrival of two new kids, twins in fact.  But whose side will the twins end up on?  Overall I am glad I started my week with this title.  It is written and drawn by Skottie Young.  The writing is hilarious, and the art fun and humorous.  Just a fun book all around, and fun for all ages.


Groot #1

Groot and Rocket are on their way to Earth when their ride breaks down.  They hitch hike a couple times that doesn’t go well.  Steal a couple rides that aren’t exactly galaxy cruisers.  And encounter a group of bounty hunters.  Overall it is exactly the sort of fun you would expect from a Rocket and Groot story.  Lots of “I am Groot” and Rocket hilarious replying. The art is pretty spot on as well.


Batman Arkham Knight #5

Bruce and Barbara talk to Gordon about running for mayor.  Meanwhile Bane is broken out of his prison cell.  Batman has to use all the tricks he can to try and take down Bane.  When Bane tries to escape Batman pursues in the new batmobile, and forces another fight.  But can Batman defeat Bane in a straight up fight?  Overall the fight with Bane is like half the issue, which is cool.  It feels more genuine than a quick 2 page fight then cliffhanger.  This story is just good enough to have me thinking about getting the new game when it comes out.


TMNT: Mutanimals #4

Hobb and the team save Seymour, cripple Null, and take out it’s evil, demonic leader.  Everything is tied up in a nice little bow.  Hobb and the mutanimals, original and new, settle back into their lair.  Overall it was an OK series.  I liked seeing some of my favorite characters like Mondo Gecko and Slash.  And a new group of mutants trying to do things the turtle way was neat.  But the story was boring and predictable.


Secret Wars #3

We learn a lot about Battle World in this issue.  That Dr Strange and Dr Doom built it together.  The escape ships that left Earth have been gone 8 years, but for them it has been only hours.  The relationship between Victor and Sue Storm is mutual.  Overall this is the issue of Secret Wars I have been waiting for.  Things make sense, it was interesting, and it has set a path for everything to come.


Princess Leia #4

With the “spy” caught Princess Leia must decide what to do with her.  Being a wise leader she chooses to talk with her.  Leia learns who the real spy is and makes plans to draw her out.  Only the plan fails and the empire decides their spy is no longer useful.  Not wanting an Alderaanian to die, Leia volunteers herself  for prisoner exchange.  What does she have up her sleeve to get out of the empires custody this time?  Overall this is a great story for young girls to read, or hard core Star Wars fans.  As I am neither I find it to be just an OK story.


Batman Beyond #1

Tim Drake is now our Batman after the events of Futures End.  He is learning about the future world Terry came from.  But this is different from Terry’s world.  Tim decides to go try and rescue prisoners, some of whom were Terry’s friends, from the Lodge.  Making his way inside he runs into some old friends.  Overall I knew going in that this would be Tim not Terry.  It just didn’t do it for me.  I think the biggest reason being I gave up Futures End, and this continues from there.  Not a bad story, but not one I am interested in.


Broken World #1

An asteroid is 48 hours from destroying the Earth and the government is choosing who gets passage off.  Our main character needs a fake passport to get off world because of some crime she once committed.  When she is caught just before boarding she misses her last chance off.  But when the meteor misses Earth where does that leave the human race?  Overall this was a surprisingly good read.  It takes an interesting look at how the world would react to impending destruction.  This is a definite must read for anyone looking for a non superhero story.


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