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For anyone who has listened to the Fandom Podcast for a while you know that I am all about my kids.  Everything that I do is ultimately centered around my family, and so when the first Salt Lake Comic Con came along I was really excited to share my fandoms with my children who were at the time four and two years old.  I very quickly realized that there was a lot of great stuff in Artist Alley, but that there was a hole when it came to kid friendly art.  We found some great Ninja Turtle Vector art and I decided that if I wanted art for my kids I needed to make it. For the first FanX my sister and I got a table and I sold some of my 3D printed magnets and Key chains and some 2D prints.  Since that FanX I have noticed MANY more kid friendly prints at Salt Lake Comic Con and so I have decided that I would leave the art to other artists so that I could enjoy the convention.  I currently have 11×17 posters for sale at The Nerd Store in the Valley Fair Mall, and thought that I would put them up here as well.

Chibi-9 Superman

Anyone who has listened to the podcast knows what my feelings about Superman are.  Primary colors, and a pillar of hope and strength.  This was one of the first images that I made after SLCC.








This is a more recent addition to my portfolio, and is in response to the new CBS Supergirl series.  I am Super (pun intended) excited about this series.  I now have a little girl and am excited that they are portraying strong female characters on television and so this seemed important for me to support.









Out of all of the classic comicbook heroes Spidey is my favorite, and because of that I have and have seen a ton of Spider-Man related art.  As I drew this out I felt that it was coming extremely easily, and it turns out just after printing this that I saw it on a T-shirt and realized that this concept is not original, but the work done to create this image was my own.









While I am more of a Fan of the Ed Mcguinness and Dexter Vines Sam Alexander Nova but my son was introduced to Nova by the Ultimate Spider-Man (The Cartoon on Disney) and these are done for him right?  So here is the gold domed bucket head floating off in outer space.







Ms. Marvel

If you are not reading Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson you are missing out.  This is one of my favorite books right now.  Why? Because it is different.  You have some of the classic new super hero tropes like secret identity hijinks with family, not knowing how to handle different villains, etc.  The place where the differences come are the fact that she is a teenage Muslim girl that is a Captain Marvel fangirl.  She plays the Marvel equivalent of WoW and she wants to be a good daughter and has a different experience than your standard white bread super hero.  This book feels authentic, Kamala is written genuinely strong while still being completely relate-able in so many ways even while being completely new.  Check it out, my description doesn’t do it justice.



Chibi-4Iron Man

What else is there to say.  Iron Man is the new leading man for Marvel and they are really pushing his character which means that my kids love him, and think he’s amazing.  He has taken an amazing journey from B lister from when I was a kid to the Leading man of today.









The Flash

My son has always loved the Flash, but after watching a few episodes of the CW live action he was hooked and that is why I put this one together.









I am a little disappointed in myself for creating this image.  I’m not going to lie, the biggest reason that I created this image is that I was doing a booth at FanX and I know that Deadpool is a big seller.  While this image may be kid friendly and Marvel has been marketing him as a grown up version of Spider-Man, my problem with Deadpool is that his comic is not kid friendly at all but he is being introduced to young children in Lego games and TV shows as a fun character. If your child loves Deadpool you may have an upward hill to climb.





Knock, Knock…. <Who’s there?> … Becca … …. Because I’m BATMAN! Alright all jokes aside who doesn’t love Batman. I tried to add some of the greys and blues into this instead of sticking with the dark black to make it a little more light hearted and fun.









Aquaman gets a bad wrap, but he is a pretty cool super hero. Lots of power, and I’m really excited about Jason Momoa as Aquaman, but there is something about the surfer Aquaman that can’t be replaced.









The Norse God of thunder is one a favorite of both of my boys and we’ve had to hide the plastic mjolnir on multiple occasions because the playing got a little too realistic. He was such a B or even C rate super hero in my day and now to my kids he is an A lister. Just goes to show what a little bit of time can do to comics.

Leave me a comment about what you like or what you dislike and I will print out one of these for you on an 11×17 (the size most Comic Con prints are done at) and mail it out to you. Make sure to leave your address in the comment so that I know who I need to mail it out to. And if you aren’t sure why I am doing this, well I may just be a little crazy, but I also want you guys to let me know how to get better.

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