The Last Jedi – SPOILERS!


In this Episode, we dive into our thoughts on the Last Jedi.  We talk about the things that we like, why there is so much backlash against the movie, the characters and of course, the Porgs. One mystery that it seems that no one picked up on is that Snoke is obviously Hugh Heffner. get ready to get spoiled.


From Sara: (Check out her Medium Piece about Shipping Rey and Kylo)

I enjoyed your meta commentary on the short TLJ episode, that was fun. I have some thoughts and a couple questions to pose to you guys about the film.

Overall I loved the movie, and I felt in particular that the jokes were more like the original trilogy than anything since the 1980s. I also found the visuals STUNNING , particularly the admiral’s jump to hyperdrive . Specifics though: I enjoyed the mini-quest where Rey goes down to the pit to investigate the dark side of the force that has been decried to her. When Rey sees herself reflected through infinity, and asks about her family, I think it was a pretty straightforward version of looking into the abyss while the abyss looks back into you. But in this case, Ray is an inherently good person who draws her strength from her core self–not from validation from others, wealth, or poltical power. The reflection communicates that *she* is what makes herself special. I think it also means that the dark side has no temptation for Rey at this point, it can give her nothing. The scene reminded me of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when she drinks the blood of a vampire. Buffy expects to be changed by this, but instead it has no effect, and her own personal power is reaffirmed.


My questions for you guys are the following:

  1. Would you agree that the pit (reaching downward) is the thematic Force opposite of the sacred tree (reaching upward) ?
  2. What do you think Rey’s vision in the pit represented?
  3. And unrelated, do you think there will be a significant time jump before episode 9, given how definitive the ending of this film was?


If you’re interested in some side reading, I wrote a meta essay with my take on the Rey/Kylo ship, and what their force connection says about their respective character journeys in the film:

A Bad Romance, We Are
Temptation and Shipping in The Last Jedi

Looking forward to hearing more of your Jedi thoughts!

Have a wonderful holiday,



From William:

I saw Last Jedi last night and I have a lot of thoughts, but one really worried me.

We see the little boy with the secret decoder ring, presumably, use the Force to bring the broom to his hand as he walks out a door. He then stares up at the stars and brings up the handle of the broom as if its a light saber.  

I see three possibilities for this moment.

  1. It means nothing. 
  2. Due to Carrie’s death, they’re going to do a time skip to explain Princess Leia’s death, they’ll age up Rey et al and Rey will be training an apprentice, who we will see wearing the secret decoder ring.
  3. They are going to copy Phantom Menace. Rey and the Rebel Scum will be in a huge battle with the Supreme Leader and the First Order and some random kid is going to steal a spaceship and save the day, while wearing the secret decoder ring.

One and two I will forgive. If number 3 is true, I will never watch Star Wars again. Probably…sigh, ok, I’ll be very upset, but I’ll still end up watching Star Wars.

Luke standing there after the blaster barrage and just flicking the dust off his shoulder made up for 3/4 of the issues I had with the movie. And then they ruined it by having the Matrix duck under the sword move.


  • Luke
    • Mark Hamill “Fundamentally Disagreed with everything about the character
    • You expect me to walk out with a Laser Sword and Save the day (Branden has a light saber observation)
    • All sorts of new force powers…. Does that mean everyone has those powers?
    • Green Milk?
  • Porgs
    • What do you think?
  • Leia
    • She’s a Freakin Force User
    • She Changed her hair.
    • Ackbar’s Death was forgotten in her shadow
  • Poe
    • Are we ready to accept him as the leader of the Rebellion/Resistance?
    • I guess he really did just meet Rey at the End of TLJ
    • Is he force sensitive?
  • Finn
    • Did he have any character growth? Is he going to runaway the next time it seems impossible
    • Did He actually kill Phasma
    • Was his side mission a waste of time?
    • When did he learn to fly?  Didn’t he rescue Poe because he needed a pilot?
  • Rose
    • Is she dead?
    • Do we care?
    • What did she mean by not fighting against the things that we hate but saving the things that we love?
  • DJ Code Breaker
    • Was he Good or Bad?
    • Will we see him again?
    • Is it possible that they are just introducing characters that they want to use in the books and comics?
  • Rey
    • Her Parents are Nobodies…
    • People have spent the past 2 years arguing about theories, and her parents are no bodies.
    • How come she can just use the force without any training?
    • Did Yoda Cover for her when she left Ach-to?
  • Kylo Ren
    • Conflicted Nature – Strike me down in anger and I’ll always be with you… Did Obi-wan start vader on the road to redemption by allowing himself to be killed?
    • Is Kylo Ren beyond redemption now?
    • Sometimes you need to leave things in the past and kill them if you have to.
    • Where are the other Jedi students that Kylo took with him.
  • Snoke
    • Who is Snoke?
    • Where did he learn to use the Force?
    • Will we learn more about him in Episode 9 or is he gone?
    • Was it his Hubris that destroyed him, like the Jedi?


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